4 Super Useful Things You Could Be Doing with Your Phone Right Now

Instead of chatting, messaging, watching YouTube videos, searching for Pokémon monsters or
keeping up with your Facebook feed, you could use for phone to make some easy money, help you
get a degree, or even make the world a better place. Take a few minutes to go through this list and
find out how.

Learn a New Language

Download the free Duolingo app and select one of 22 languages to learn in an easy and fun way.
Duolingo uses gamification techniques to make learning simple and enjoyable. You won’t have to
struggle with grammar, memorize verb lists, or tear your hair out trying to remember if you need to
use the past perfect tense or the present subjunctive. You can just listen and repeat, then select
multiple choice answers. The app will have you speaking and remembering a new language from
your very first go!

Make Some Money

Sign up to become a language tutor and teach English to students around the world. Teaching
English as a Foreign Language used to mean packing up and heading off to live overseas, but the
internet has brought huge changes to this area. Now you can sign up with a number of services and
teach English over Skype using your home computer or your smart phone. You can often set your
own rates, and as a new tutor you can expect to earn between $10 and $20 per hour just for chatting
to students, correcting their pronunciation and helping them to find the right vocabulary.

Study an Online Degree

These days you don’t have to attend a college campus to pick up a new degree. All of the best
schools, like Rutgers Online, offer a wide range of degree programs for you to study in the comfort of
your own home, or even while you put in reps at the gym.
Study an online master of information program, earn a civil engineering degree, become a
cybersecurity expert, or tackle crime with a criminal justice degree.
Courses like the online master of information degree take roughly two years to complete and you
should budget around 15 hours per week to follow your course and complete assignments.

Change the World

Sign up with SumOfUs.org and stop big corporations from behaving badly. You can add your voice to
over 12 million others and sign petitions to government and CEO’s worldwide demanding that they
call time on abusive and dangerous policies. And then spread awareness of the campaigns through
your social media channels to call even more people to the causes that are important to you.

SumOfUs works on the premise that it’s the consumers, investors and employees of multinational
corporations that keep them in business, so it’s a good idea to band together and tell them when
they step over the line.
Your smartphone is an amazing piece of technology, opening up a world of opportunity and
possibility to you wherever you happen to be. So why not take advantage of those opportunities to
upgrade your skills, earn a few extra dollars, and to help make the world a better place?