Facebook’s ‘News Feed’ Redesigned

Facebook unveiled its newly redesign News Feed today, the front page that users are brought to when they access the platform.

facebook-vs-google-advertisingMark Zuckerberg  the CEO of Facebook describes the new design as a “personalized newspaper” which will drive rich contents on its user activity stream. This will include bigger photos, music, games,  richer videos content, and recent updates not only from your friends and family, but also publications and businesses that you are interested in.

The new design  includes a dynamic left  menu that’s fully customizable which will allow users to  toggle between different types of content feeds and enable them to segregate the content stream between photos, videos, music, news, games, and social activities. The feed will have its own dedicated pages; allowing the users to view contents on demand.

The makeover is said to bring Facebook new opportunities to drive more targeted advertisement throughout all its dedicated content feed pages, targeting ads by user’s interest, which might give a boost to the company’s Wall Street performance.

The change progress will take “weeks” to reach all its 7 billion users worldwide, starting with desktop and then on to its mobile apps.
To learn more about Facebook’s new look at http://www.facebook.com/newsfeed/ 

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March 07, 2013 By: R.R