How a professionally designed website can become a game-changer for your business

A professionally designed website is essential to have a strong foothold in the eCommerce world. As much as you would not want to buy something in a shop that is run down and dingy, you would not want to buy from a website that looks like a fourth-grader constructed it. A clean, professional website can be a game-changer for selling things online, especially now, when the competition is more formidable than ever.

What does a professionally designed website need?

Firstly, you need a professional designer. You can design your WordPress website yourself, or you can engage a web design agency such as ALT Agency to do it for you. It is often good to look at the different styles that your competitors use, especially those that are more successful, then base your initial design on that. People are more likely to trust something that looks similar, but not the same as what they already know.

Once you have your overall design as you want it, you need to consider the content in detail. Your customers must know what they are looking at, so it is always good to have a nice amount of detail available on your ‘about us’ page. Having many photographs and detailed descriptions of your products can also send a clear message about what you do.

Lastly, it would help if you made your products as easy to buy as possible. Making the purchasing process short, clean, and simple but very secure can help promote sales and keep your customers returning. Online shopping is supposed to be quick and convenient, and by using that as the main focus of your UX design, you will reduce the number of people who click away without completing their purchase.

How can it affect business?

For one thing, setting the right impression at the start of your relationship with a customer can lead to a long term association and multiple purchases over time. Not only that, it will lead to a level of brand loyalty and they are likely to leave positive reviews of your product or service, which can influence other customers. Positive reviews are more likely if you come across as a very user-friendly service.

It can also help market your other products too. If people like the look of a website and see a good amount of information, they are more likely to spend their time browsing and looking at what you have in your store’s inventory.

If you have a wide range of products or services available, which are also well presented and easy to find, this will increase the probability of additional sales.

The bottom line

The design of your businesses’ website can make all the difference to the amount you sell. Presenting a well-designed, clear and concise website that is easy to navigate by anyone who visits it can be a serious game-changer when it comes to maximizing revenue from web traffic and helping your eCommerce business flourish.