Sony PlayStation 4 – A New Era of Gaming Console

Its that time again, the release of the next generation of gaming consoles. Time has definitely flew since the last major release of the Playstation 3, Xbox360, and the Nintendo Wii. For some time now, there have been many rumors regarding all three major consoles and what to expect as in hardware content. The wait is over, no need to speculate and theorize what some of these gaming consoles may or may not consist of, as Sony has announced the release of the PLAY STATION 4!!

Sony PS4We all know from previous events and shows, when a company like Apple, or Microsoft, or even Sony itself announces the release of anything new, there are almost always pictures/videos of the device itself. This time around, during Sony’s extravagant performance and creative show, they spoke about many innovative features the Playstation 4 will feature, but there was not one image of the Playstation 4 itself. This is not a device that you take with you to show off to the public, but still, I would want to know what it looks like. That being a disappointment, Sony really captured my attention and turned heads with that they had to say.

Talk about a beefed up system, the Playstation 4 really is a Monster. Sony decided to team up with AMD this time around to come up with their massive 8 core x86-64 Jaguar CPU along with 1.84 TFLOPS AMD Next-Generation Radeon GPU. We all know that a computer with an excellent CPU and GPU can only show its true colors when there is enough memory to play with, now Sony may have forgot to bring images of the Playstation 4 to their launch, but they sure didn’t forget  how to “Bring it”. This amazing console will be equipped with 8GB of GDDR5 memory, this is great of intense game play when there is so much going on and at that point in time, the only logical thing to do is…button mash.

What’s the fun of having a muscle car if you can’t drive around with the E-brake up, same goes for having a great console with a great game, after beating it 10 times on those lonely Friday nights, what’s next?…..its online game play. Now online game play has come a long way, from 1 on 1 play to 36 people all in the same room going banana’s. The evolutionary step Sony took is quite impressive. Sony game play will be based around “the cloud”. Players will have the opportunity to record gaming sessions and upload them to be shared and viewed by others. We will also be able to invite a friend in the middle of gameplay to take over the controller remotely to complete a difficult stage that after trying multiple times, you just want to call it quits. We will also be able to stream demos live as compared to downloading them and then going through the same long process of installing the demo.

The only image Sony seemed to have packed with them was the image of the new Playstation controller, the dualshock 4. Sony still kept the design pretty much intact with a few modifications. Sony added a small touchpad right above the PS button, sounds like a great ideal for those times when scrolling with the analog just doesn’t cut it. There is also a small built in speaker right below the track pad allowing for headset usage or local audio. These features sound exciting and all, but let’s not forget the “share” button that’s located on the upper left hand corner. This button will enable users to share their recorded game play and make it easier to communicate with friends.

When it comes to reading specs on the Sunday sales paper, we all wonder if the device that’s being advertised on gloss paper with little stars that are printed around it to indicate this is an amazing deal can actually live up to its hype. Sony’s presentation was spectacular in reference to the Playstation 4 specs, but only time will tell if what was said on paper will give us the end result of what we’ve been anticipating.

March 03, 2013 – By: M.F.H