IT Advice For Startups

No matter what industry you operate in, IT will be a key part of the operation for startup businesses. When utilized properly, a business will be powered by IT and the operation can be streamlined while reducing errors. IT can be a very complex and expensive area for a startup, however, so here are a few tips for entrepreneurs just setting up their business who may have a few concerns about IT. These tips should help you to get set up how you need and to use IT to your advantage to improve your business. Read on to find out more.


Buying computers or laptops for staff can be incredibly expensive. You could save a huge sum by allowing staff to bring their own device to work which would also allow them to easily work remotely too. While there are many benefits to BYOD, you also need to make sure that company and customer data is kept safe and to educate staff on safe usage.

Cyber Security

Leading on from this, it is also vital that you are aware of the latest cyber threats and take steps to protect your devices. Cybercrime is on the rise and a threat to businesses of all sizes, so high-quality anti-virus software is essential along with smart usage of devices.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the many great advances in IT in recent years and it is ideal for startup businesses. Cloud computing can make it easy to backup, share, edit and collaborate on work with your team remotely so that people can work from home if needed and have easy access to everything that they need.

Shop Around Online

It is no secret that IT equipment can be expensive. It is important that you have high-quality equipment that you can rely on each day, but you should also take your time and research before making purchases. You could also make big savings on certain items by purchasing from a specialist online. If you are looking for high-quality but affordable ink cartridges, for example, then shopping online could help you to make big savings on your printing needs at Cartridge People.


You will be relying heavily on your broadband connection each day so it should be a purchase that has been carefully researched. A good business broadband package will have fast speeds for your area, excellent and prompt customer service and a comprehensive security package. Always read the small print and make sure that it will be adequate for your particular setup. If you have plans to grow the company, then you may want to avoid lengthy contracts as your broadband needs are likely to change as the company gets bigger.