Jolla Phone Unveiled with Sailfish OS

The smartphone platform war has a new challenger.  A smartphone player called Jolla.

Jolla runs on its own operating system called Sailfish – it’s derived from Nokia’s retired MeeGo platform – and is said to be Android app compliant – this should help with launch apps when the Jolla phone arrives at the end of this year.

Spec wise, it includes 4.5-inch “HD” display (resolution TBD), a dual-core processor, an 8MP camera, 16GB of on board storage expandable by microSD card slot, and LTE/4G connectivity.  The Sailfish OS is gesture controlled also Android app compliant.

Users can choose between a few “chassis” colors, or phone back housing, where upon the phone’s OS is said to adapt accordingly.
The Jolla phone is expected to set you back €399 (US $512.26) and will arrive sometime in4th quarter of this year.