Tumblr launches mobile ads for iOS, Android

Love Tumblr? Well, reality just hit the service, which is under pressure to generate revenues. As a result, you’ll start seeing ads (AKA “sponsored posts”) in your Tumblr stream in the iOS and Android apps starting today.

The company started the sponsored posts about a year ago on the web-based service, and is now fitting ads for a handful of sponsors (GE, ABC Entertainment, ABC Family, Pepsi and Warner Bros.) into the mobile apps.

That means that the next time you pull up the your Tumblr to see what oddities didn’t make it to the website, you might see an animated GIF of a GE jet engine being tested or a plug for the next Warner Bros. film.

The ads will be differentiated from normal Tumbl’d content by an animated dollar sign icon in the header, just so you know that you should pay extra-special attention to those posts.

Via: Tuaw