Facebook support removed from TweetDeck

In March, Twitter announced it would focus efforts on TweetDeck’s Web version. Facebook support, as well as versions for iPhone and Android, have disappeared.

If you’ve been relying on TweetDeck as a front-end for your Facebook account, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Starting today, Twitter-owned TweetDeck no longer supports Facebook. That move, which Twitter announced in March, was part of the social-networking giant’s effort to “focus our development efforts on our modern, Web-based versions of TweetDeck.”

As expected, as part of the move Twitter also has removed support for TweetDeck for Air and versions of the client for iPhone and Android.

For now, TweetDeck for Mac is still available, but one has to wonder how long that will be the case, given Twitter’s insistence on pointing TweetDeck toward a Web-focused existence.

“Over the past 18 months, we’ve been focused on building a fast and feature-rich Web application for modern browsers, and a Chrome app, which offers some unique features like notifications,” according to a Twitter statement released in March.

Twitter, of course, is not abandoning mobile-device users; the company clearly wants people to turn to its official mobile apps, like Twitter for iOS or for Android.

However, for those people who have held on to their legacy versions of TweetDeck, they, no doubt, will find themselves looking for alternatives.

Via: CNet
Image: Twitter