Goldee – Smart Light Controller

Goldee recently introduced their next level of light control, a $250  smart light controller that will  seek to give your traditional bulb some attitude by adding an automated lighting controller.  The hands free, gesture controlled smart light controller will control the illumination  in your home to your schedule, simulating a soft morning glow to gently wake you in the morning and a gradual dimming as you ready for bed. With a single swipe of your hand you can change an entire room’s mood by selecting a scene from the devices expansive library of settings. The device will protect your home while you are away, by simulating your presence once it senses you’ve been away more than 2 days

Goldee is also controllable via the Goldee app on your smartphone, and works with lifx, hue, and ilumi. The Goldee is currently in pre-order stage, with deliveries expected in summer 2014.

The Story of Goldee from Goldee on Vimeo.