How Technology Can Streamline These Two Essential Areas of Your Enterprise

There’s no doubt we’re living in the midst of a technological revolution. It’s transformed every aspect of daily life as we know it, helping us stay in contact with our nearest and dearest no matter what time, or where we are; it helps us work in far flung corners of the globe, collaborating with colleagues miles and miles away. For small enterprises, in particular, technology provides a valuable pair of hands when it’s not always viable to hire an extra employee. There are certain areas of a business which may benefit from technology help more than others, including the two explored below.


The human resource sector of any business can often be referred to as the heart of the operation. The HR team ensures every employee is happy and safe during the working hours, fixing any issues which may arise promptly. Additionally, they screen and hire new employees, along with overseeing the payroll department. For payroll, especially, technology has changed the way the HR team can handle this vital task. Payroll technology can streamline the tasks by reducing administration time on dealing with payment and ensuring your team does not have to worry about compliance, which is a crucial aspect to take into account. TriNet payroll solutions offer online services, which make going paperless in the HR department effortless.

Technology can also aid HR departments in making sure every employee is as happy and as satisfied in their job as possible. For example, smart tech can automatically send out employee surveys regularly, which can be completed online anonymously, to help the HR department see clearly the areas of an enterprise that may need addressing. What’s more, this technology can streamline the task further by providing easy to digest data and analysis to help the HR teams even more.


In the digital era, digital marketing is a critical aspect to consider, ensuring that those who need to know your name can find you easily where they are most likely to be – online. However, thanks to technology, long gone are the days where a member of staff would be tasked with pressing the button to send out communications at specific times. Now, automation is making a marketer’s life much more straightforward. This essential tech can help you schedule social media posts, for example, to ensure you are targeting your audience at the right time – when they are online. This time could be late in the evening when you’re out of the office, meaning marketing automation is a tool you cannot be without in the 21st century. How this streamlines an enterprise is by cutting out manual tasks which can be time-consuming and repetitive. It also reduces the risk of human error. However, it is important to note that while marketing automation, such as social media scheduling, is highly advantageous, you will also need to keep up to date with news and trends within your industry and within the local, national, and global news. Sending out a tweet describing a new product when a similar has been in the news for all the wrong reasons may seem insensitive.