How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Developing a slick, professional website is only one step to being a success on the Internet. Because if you have no audience, it doesn’t matter how incredible your site is and all of the benefits it provides. No eyes on your business = no prizes for your business.

Yet building up traffic for your website is no easy feat. It’s something that any newcomer to the site creation world will struggle with at some point. However, there are various big steps that can be taken on the path towards that glorious pot of potential visitors – some of which
are listed below for your convenience.

Fine-tune your website

Keywords, site structure, descriptive pictures – there are many seemingly small things that can be implemented or fine-tuned to the benefit of your website. Yet finding out what can be done to boost your site is difficult at times. That said, hiring a helping hand is always
possible. If you use WordPress for example, you could acquire one of numerous professional WordPress developers that will refine your website for the better.

Produce rich content

By rich content, this means the type of content that will entice and retain visitors due to its overall quality. To achieve this, you should first of all create written content that is high-quality, informative and grammatically correct. Oh, and it’s also important that keywords blend within the content and don’t stick out like a sore thumb! To compliment the written word, you should also place a particular emphasis on implementing visual content such as videos and pictures. After all, research suggests that when compared to text-based content, the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster.

Get everything moving

It goes without saying that a slow website is not a good thing. Just take a second to think about it: how many times have you returned back to those Google search results because the first website you clicked on didn’t respond within two seconds? Well in terms of potential customers, the same thing will happen if your site struggles to load everything in
swift fashion.

On top of that, Google is also reportedly punishing websites that are slow to get off the mark. As for what causes slowdown, this could be anything from an overly large image file to your web host. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to help identify the problem/s.

Promote, promote, promote

Optimizing your website in terms of SEO is one thing, but that is only one step to the promotion process. Admittedly it is a large step, but there are plenty of other things you could do to get the word out about your site. Think about making regular posts on social media platforms, making guest posts on relevant blogs and even starting a YouTube channel.

Don’t ignore the possibility of using traditional or guerrilla marketing techniques, either. The former still has its place in certain situations as an effective way of advertising, while the latter could help you go viral with a little bit of luck.