How to Install a Hardwired Computer Network

What you’ll need

The first thing you’ll need is a good gigabit router and network card.  If you can’t get any of these, it’s fine. Just make sure to use a router that has a minimum of four LAN ports. If you want to learn more about network cable installation cost, learn more here. 

Steps to Install

  • Step 1. The Wired router

The first thing you should do is to have your router close to where you want your leads to start. Get a good electric cable that you can use as an outlet on your first floor. Afterward, measure your cable while making sure to add a few extra inches and then drill the hole.

Next, locate the place where you made the drill on the top floor. You should be able to see the electric cable that was in the basement. Using a ladder and saw, make a fist-sized 6 × 6 square hole in the wall.

Make sure you have a clean cut. You will use the other piece to patch the wall when you are done with the installation.

Go to the second floor and look for the wall that is directly above the one where you made the ceiling whole. Make a bigger square that will fit the drill. Do this without touching the ceiling joists.

  • Step 2: Running the Ethernet cable

Go upstairs to your attic and locate the space where you have the big hole on the second floor.

If your second floor has an electrical outlet, just repeat the same thing you did in your basement. The wires usually run through the attic and into the walls.

Make a hole in the attic floor using the drill and put it in the fish lead. You should be able to reach and take hold of the fish lead from the second floor. Pull the fish lead all the way down to the first floor.

Tie the hook of the fish end with a piece of twine and secure it with a tape. Go back to the attic and pull the twine all through to the attic floor.

It’s a lot easier if you can get someone to be on the first floor to hold the twine. Pull it up a little higher and tie it off on the ceiling. Head down to the basement and pull the fish end upward.

Go back to the first floor and do the same thing. Give at least a good ten feet of extra space and cut the twine. Tie it off and tape it to the fish lead. Go back down the basement and the pull it eight down to the floor.

What you have now is a long piece of twine that goes up through the basement to the attic. Measure exactly how much Ethernet cable you will need to the run-up to the attic and into the rooms on the second floor.

When you have figured that out, make provision for extra twenty feet and start running up the cables. You can run them up one by one if the holes are too small. If they are not, run them up at once.

  • Step 3: The Home Network 

After you have run all your cables, you can proceed with the router connections to the rooms on your second floor. You can then enjoy a fast and reliable Internet connection