Intel is rumored to make chips for Apple iDevices

According to published reports Intel Corp is seeking a deal with Apple to offer its chipset for all iDevices including the iPad and the iPhone. Samsung is currently the chip-setmanufacturer for all iSO devices.

intel-logoThe battle between Apple and Samsung in dominating the smart phone market may offer Intel a boost in its opportunity to form a relationship with Apple, this will allow Apple to cut all ties with its rival.

Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research said “This is very good news, It should have happened two years ago.”

The Smart phone and tablet market is now an expansion target for Intel, the long-time CPU maker recently agreed to manufacture chips for Altera’s programmable logic devices (PLDs) and this maybe first of many. Sunit Rikhi, vice president and general manager of Intel custom foundry, told Reuters that the company plans to take on a “potential large mobile customer” but did not mention Apple specifically. But Intel spokesperson Chuck Mulloy told Reuters that the two companies are in constant communications.

This isn’t the first time similar rumors swirled, in May 2011, when an analyst from Piper Jaffray said “Based on a number of inputs, we believe Intel is also vying for Apple’s foundry business.” but nothing has happened since Spring of 2011, however Intel recent contact with Atler, may set the paths for the chip makers partnership with major mobile manufacturers such as Apple.

Ultimately the outcome will depend on the relationship between Apple and Intel’s new CEO. Paul Otellini, the current CEO of Intel Corp since 2005 is said to retire in May of this year, leaving the final decision to his predecessor.

03-08-2013 By R.R
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