iOS 7 Release Time and Date: When to update your Apple device

Apple users have anxiously been awaiting the release of the newest operating system, iOS 7. Luckily for everyone who can’t wait to update their device, the wait is almost over. iOS 7 is set to release today, Wednesday, September 18, and folks are wondering around what time they will be able to make the update.

We have not yet had an official time set for the release, but we do know that history shows the newest operating system could become available at around 10:00 a.m. PT. For those East Coasters, that means sometime shortly after noon. If you’re overseas, the update will come later in the afternoon.

iOS 7 promises to be the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system” and we can’t wait to see how user friendly it is.

Once the update is available, you can make the changes directly on your phone or by plugging in to iTunes and updating from there. If the iOS 7 update is not available whenever you plug in to iTunes, make sure that your iTunes software is updated.

The latest operating system will only be available to those using the iPhone 4 and newer devices.  Via Apple | fansided