Random Image Rotator Script

The image rotator  php script will allow you to rotate images that stored with in a directory, for example let’s say you have a directory called /backgrounds/ within this directory you have about 10 images (or more)  the script will display 1 of the 10  images automatically.  Pretty cool to randomize background image for your website.

–  Create  a directory called /background/  (you can call it whatever you like)
– Upload the random_image.php with the directory you crated (in this example we called it /background/)

In order to display the images, you will need to use a image tag <img src=” “> but images of linking to an .jpg/png/gif  extension we will link it to random_image.php see the following:

<img src="https://www.yourdomain.com/background/random_image.php">

or for background use

<body background="http://www.yourdomain.com/background/random_image.php">

Download and demo  –  see below: