Sony QX100 -Add-on for Your Smartphone

The Sony QX100 Lens-style Camera, it is the perfect companions for your Android or iOS smartphone, simply attach the compact and lightweight DSC-QX100 to turn your smartphone into a 10x optical zoom camera to capture actions up close and promises to delivery high-quality 1080/30p HD video with low grain even in low light

The QX100 wirelessly connects to your smartphone using wifi and NFC, you can attach QX10 to your smartphone or use the lens independently, by holding the camera in one hand and your phone in the other (the phone sees what the lens sees!).

The Sony Smart Lens offers all the DSLR advantages such as shallow depth of field, manual zoom, a megapixel sensor (4x bigger than your iPhone!) and up to f/1.8 aperture. It allows you to save every shot online automatically and works with most smartphones. watch the video

The Sony QX100 is now available for $499.99, if you think the price is bit steep, we agree! Take a took at the Sony QX10