Tech Developments That Will Benefit Small Businesses In 2020

All successful businesses constantly try to improve so that they are more efficient, but this isn’t always as easy for small businesses. A smaller budget means expensive technology isn’t always an option – but thankfully, there is lots of modern, affordable tech designed with small businesses in mind.

Do you own a small business, or are you planning to start a business? If so, we are here to help. Here are four innovative tech developments that will benefit small businesses in 2020.

Circular, Reusable Tech

Technology (such as laptops, computers, and software) can be a big expense for small businesses, but circular tech provides a solution to this problem. Circular tech is where technology is leased by a company, and then it is refurbished and repaired for use once the initial cycle is completed – so companies don’t have to spend money every year replacing expensive items.

This means that businesses can spend less on technology for the company, while still having the same technology and equipment to use. This provides benefits for both the business and the environment; you will save money on tech, and your company will be more eco-friendly.

IT Automation

In the past small business had to pay hundreds (or even thousands) for a personalized IT system, but now there are lots of ready-made, automated IT systems that businesses can buy and use. These systems are much cheaper as they are basic models, and they are normally just as effective as custom-made IT options.

It is also possible to personalize the IT system to suit your business, so you can tailor the IT services to suit your goals and your products. This will help make your business seem more professional and trustworthy.

Customer Service Automation

It is also possible to automate your customer service. You can invest in a customer service package that comes with a selection of communication technologies, including IM chat, video chat, email, live chat and a phone service. This means small businesses can provide a range of customer service options to their clients.

It is worth noting that there are quite a few automation services out there, so it could be useful to read a few reviews before choosing an automation service for your brand. For instance, there is a ringcentral review that tells you more about the pros and cons of Ringcentral Office.

Improved Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has grown very popular over the last few years, and it isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, cloud tech is now a 200 billion dollar industry! There are lots of cloud tools that are designed specifically for small businesses, and they tend to make it easier for employees to work remotely while still sharing ideas and goals. This is perfect for small businesses that don’t have office space, as it means you can easily stay in touch with your team and your clients (even if they live in a different city or country).