The 5 Tech Tools We Overlook (But Really Shouldn’t)

We live in a wonderful age where we have access to millions of online tools that help us run our businesses better –whether it’s inventory management, social media scheduling, email newsletters, personalized recommendations, etc.

There’s never a better time to be an entrepreneur than today! You probably already have the basic tools to help you market your products. However, there might be some that you have overlooked.

Yes! With the number of tools out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. You’re probably missing out on some of the best ones that can take your business to newer heights.

So in this article, we thought we’d share with you the five overlooked tech tools that you should be using for your business.

1. VPN

VPNs aren’t just for hiding your location. It can also be used to enhance your security. VPNs have the amazing ability to encrypt your connection so that hackers won’t be able to get your most important data. Data lost is money lost so you may as well protect it with the help of a VPN. It can also be utilized in other areas of your marketing efforts such as link building, competitor analysis, and SEO.

2. Team Scheduler

A team scheduler is a great way to keep everyone on schedule with their tasks. There are many tools like this that allow you to create to-do lists, notes, and reminders. You can then monitor all your projects and see whether there is enough time for you to take on more projects.

It only costs a small fee to use a tool like this but it offers great returns. Your staff becomes more efficient and accountable. And you free up more time to create more opportunities for your business.

3. Hiring Platform

Hiring really good people to join your team takes a lot of time. You have to sift through dozens, if not hundreds of applications just to find that right one. However, you can make the process much easier with the help of hiring tools.

There are advanced hiring platforms that allow you to screen employees so you filter your list down to only the most qualified candidates. The more sophisticated versions of this tool can even let you verify the skills and credentials mentioned in the candidate’s resume.

The next time you need to fill an important position in your business, you can take advantage of this tool and save yourself the hassle of doing manual background checks.

4. Funnel Analytics

Funnel analytics can give you insight on which platforms your sales are coming from. The more common ways that we segregate our customer is by targeting a wide audience or by doing account based marketing campaigns. This is great for getting your brand in front of many prospects. But what if you could maximize your returns by only spending a specific amount for each channel?

This is where funnel analytics becomes useful. It tracks each funnel you use in your business, how far and how quick every customer goes through each one. By having access to this information, you’ll know which funnels are the most effective and which ones aren’t. You can then focus your resources strengthening the really good ones, and get more sales there.

Additionally, you can also test new sales funnels adding in new stages that enhance the buyer experience and improve conversion. You can get data quickly whether it’s effective and then change your strategy accordingly.

There are more tools we wish to add to this list but based on our experience, the ones we mentioned above are the most underutilized yet very useful for your business.