The Cost of Local SEO Services in 2022

Over 45% of all searches made on Google are now local. If you have a physical store or office, you could be missing out on a lot of potential revenue if you don’t show in those searches.

But do you know how much local SEO costs?

Numerous factors could impact the quote you get. Read on as we break down the price of local SEO services.

Factors That Determine Price

You will only get an accurate quote if you know exactly what you want from an SEO agency. This allows them to include the tasks and SEO services you have asked for. Agencies may also suggest other additions that will boost the campaign.

Once they know this, they can formulate a quote. Some of the factors below may determine the overall price.

  • Your current SEO level
  • Campaign Goals
  • The average revenue per sale
  • How quickly do you want results?

You should keep in mind that even if you want quick results, it will still take time. SEO is always a long-term goal that must have a consistent approach. While it can be sped up, it can not be done immediately.

What Is a Reasonable SEO Cost?

When quotes come in low, they can indicate a lower quality of service. You should also be wary of SEO packages aiming to get results quickly. They may employ black hat SEO techniques that damage your long-term campaigns.

If you opt for a freelancer, you need one with experience to ensure they can deliver results. Workers with over two years worth of experience can easily exceed over $100 an hour. If you hire a company then they may charge double this amount.

Some companies may even require a monthly retainer which can be anywhere up to $5000. However, there are quality and well-priced options out there. is one company with a proven track record in affordable SEO services.

Choosing Local SEO Services

When choosing local SEO services, there are a few factors to look out for. By following the guidelines below, you should get the right one.

Check Their Reputation

Before hiring, check the reputation of a company. They should have online reviews and testimonials on their website. If they don’t have any then it should be a warning sign.

Shop Around

Not all SEO companies will offer the same quote or provide you with the same services. Make sure you shop around and speak with a few. Go with the one that offers the best value, not just the lowest quote.

Check Communication

Your chosen company must have great communication so you know how a campaign is going. Ask who your first point of contact is and how they will stay in touch with you.

Getting Quotes

Now you know the cost of local SEO services you can begin getting quotes. Have a goal in mind and set a budget. Even small changes can have a huge impact on your web traffic.

This article is one of many to help your business thrive. From finance to marketing, we can help your company find success in the coming year.