The Newest Tech Trends in Digital Marketing

Regardless of whether you have started a new business or are a veteran, digital marketing trends can never be ignored.  As technology advances, digital marketing has been on the rise and has had huge implications on the business world.

To compete in today’s landscape, a successful business online presence is essential. But there is still a dilemma of targeting the right tech trends that will shape the digital landscape perfectly.

Here we have outlines several current tech trends that will support your business and help it to stand out! You can also click here to keep up to date on the latest trends.

Rise of Interactive Contents as Mainstream Contents 

Interactive content can be defined as the content that we’re able to click on, swipe in any direction, or make online interactions with. Outgrow states that as many as 93% of marketers value interactive content as supremely proficient in the goal to educate the one making the purchase.

In 2020, we can expect a lot of companies to tweak and try out interactive content forms, namely quizzes, polls, 360-degree videos, AR (Augmented Reality) advertisements, etc. These are the epoch-making marketing technology trends that provide people with a much more involved experience. As consumers seek remarkable and enjoyable brand content these days, these trends offer these to them. Gradually, the consumers feel a divine connection to the brand and, more importantly, to the company.

Social Messaging Apps

One technology trend that is an integral part of our daily lives is social media messaging, and we all have at least one installed in our device(s). Some popular and user-friendly messaging applications are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.

Initially, social messaging apps were brought into action with the purpose of communication, exchanging images, video clips, sharing emoji, and GIF files. But now the purposes have expanded into vast communication and day by day, more businesses, companies, and brands are actively using social messaging apps to interact with their customers.

Videos Are No Longer an Option

These days everyone loves videos. Statistics say that 70% of the customers are more inclined towards videos rather than normal blog content. So, if you own a business and still have not implemented this strategy yet, you should get on board now.

In a mobile mad world, visual contents are one of the fastest ways to generate traffic.

A full-fledged advertising team should be always stood by to deliver meaningful video creation.  People nowadays are on the go to watch and share videos, especially live ones. 72% of business owners say that video creations have benefited their conversion rates. Also, videos collaborating with celebrities, athletes, influencers, musicians, and motivational speakers are highly engaging.

Facebook Peaks and Is Instagram The Next Hit?

Once considered the irremovable pillar of social media, Facebook has slowly but gradually lost its credibility. A study by Forbes reports that 41% of Facebook users are over 65 years old. Although it’s not a damaging stat, it certainly proves that Facebook has started to lose its younger users, who are preferring interactive and visual experiences by Snapchat, Instagram, and, last but not least, TikTok. Thus, the upcoming digital marketers must set their target market and work accordingly. As it stands, Facebook isn’t the appropriate medium for some campaigns as they’re losing appeal to the younger demographics.

Instagram currently boasts over one billion users, which is a fascinating achievement. Large portions of its users are from a younger age, especially under 30 years of age. As one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms, Instagram stands out.

However, marketers will have to keep in mind that recently, Instagram omitted the app’s likes feature. Companies must keep an eye out on the impact of this decision on vanity metrics, and marketers must adhere to it.

Future of Customer Service In The Hands Of Chatbots

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in chatbots has enabled communication with users and virtual assistance. Chatbots interact with humans naturally through text chat windows, keeping the option of verbal interactions open. Over time, as more data is collected, the AI is acquainted with more information about the customers and offers a rigorously improving and personalized service. Four-fifths of the businesses want to enable chat-bots this year considering the benefits they serve, notably 24-hour service, instant responses to customer requests, no overtime pay or breaks.

A Tidio study showed that 43% of the customers preferred a chatbot interaction over anything else while communicating with a business, which shows why it’s an important digital marketing trend in 2020.

Personalized Emails

Email marketing continues to be one of the major channels of the sector. But email marketing is constantly evolving and the typical marketing emails have lost their ground to personalization and combination automation, which makes email marketing a stand out trend for 2020.

Email marketing can be very effective when you provide a follow up with a promotional price or demo video inside a personalized email when a user is looking into a particular product. This is how email marketing proves itself as a handy tool.

Omnichannel Marketing

The practice of marketing across numerous platforms is called omnichannel marketing. Businesses can connect with customers on more digital touchpoints: email, apps, social media, blogs, etc. and provide a much better user experience.

ClickZ states that omnichannel marketing generates thrice as much engagement than a single channel approach, increasing customer retention, purchase frequency, and average order value through multiple channels.

Final Thoughts 

Digital marketing is well and truly being reshaped by tech trends. More and more new tech discoveries are coming into play and it’s high time marketers rearranged their entire digital marketing ploy. If you’re seeking to swim with the big fish, you’ll have to follow.

As mentioned above trends, technology is an absolute must for your digital marketing strategy of 2020. However, don’t cease to explore here. Keep your senses heightened and be alert and receptive to any trend that’s been arriving.

Begin brainstorming and looking into your digital marketing strategies, and hopefully, this article was helpful. Best of luck!