Top 5 Tips to Help You Become a Better CSS Coder

Becoming a better CSS coder isn’t that hard if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to take your coding skills to the next level. CSS is very easy to learn, which is why a lot of people start using the
language, but most never really get good at it because they try and cut corners to develop their applications quicker. If you’re looking to become a top CSS coder it’s important you follow all the basic rules and code in a way you feel comfortable.

If you have achieved a masters in computer science online via an online MS computer science program you’ll find that you have the best chance of becoming a top coder. The below tips are very basic, but these are tips that will separate you from the rest of the poor CSS coders out there. ‘

Always Validate Your Code
It’s always important to get into the routine of validating your code. It’s possible to validate your CSS  code using W3C Validator, and some CSS editors even offer instant validation on your code whilst you’re editing, so there’s no excuse to not validate your code the proper way.

Organization is Key to Better Code
You’ll find that the top CSS coders in the world are only the best at what they do because they keep their code clean and organized, and it’s important you do the same. There are several ways in which
you can do this, taking advantage of comments and keeping your code in different blocks and sections is an effective way to keep things organized throughout your documents. Not only will organized code make it easy for you to go back and edit in future, but it will also make it much easier for you to add features too.

Take Advantage of Decent Reset Code
A CSS reset is a clever way of resetting HTML elements to their default attributes. If you don’t reset them from the start it can always make it harder to get the desired result in the future.

Always Plan Before Coding
It’s important to always plan before you start coding. You need to know what result you want to achieve and you need to think of the best ways of getting what you need. CSS is getting bigger all the time with new features so it’s important you always have a look at the documentation before getting started, as you may find there are now easier ways of doing things that use less code, which ultimately makes page loading times quicker.

Use Less Code
To become a better CSS coder, you’ll need to be able to achieve the same results but with less code. CSS is rich in new features and there is generally an attribute that can do the job you need without having to use multiple CSS coding techniques. Ultimately, this will make your code look neat will help speed up your web applications. 

Remember, if you miss out on the above points in your coding routine, you’ll be no better than the rest of the CSS coders out there.