Top 7 Smart Add-Ons That Make Your Living Space More Comfortable

Instead of shuffling through your house in search of comfort, it is time to take charge and include small, inexpensive add-ons that are guaranteed to transform your space to be more inviting and comfortable. After all, comfort is at your discretion.  

How you breathe life into your living space is totally up to you; however, these are the top 7 add-ons that are foolproof ways to make your living space more welcoming and enjoyable than before.

A Smart Home Hub

With today’s fast-paced technology at hand, there is no better way to make your living space more comfortable than by introducing add-ons that transform your methodical home into a smart home. One such add-on necessary for home automation is a smart home hub. Typically, all smart hubs are standalone devices connected to a cloud-based service, ready to take action at your caution.  

Currently, Amazon’s Echo is the leading smart home hub. Its exclusive AI-powered bot, Alexa, is at your disposal to make your life comfortable and a bit more fun. Want to play music as soon as you enter the home? A quick “Hey Alexa, can you play some music” will do the trick. Or perhaps you wish to set up weather and traffic alerts, or maybe even an alarm, a smart home hub will do it all for you and more. 

Automated Light and Temperature Control  

Automated lights and temperature control systems are extremely popular add-ons when it comes to improving your living space. All you have to do is purchase mechanized lighting and connect their hub to the Wi-Fi; the automation will take care of the rest. Some of the popular automated lightings include Philips Hue System and TP-Link’s Kasa Smart Bulbs. 

Whether you wish to set the mood by adjusting the temperature or are just too lazy to keep regulating the thermostat until it reaches the right warmth, automated temperature control is another excellent option to work with to make your living space more comfortable. Included in almost every home automation blog, programmable thermostats are a highly sought-after smart home device and exist to bring utmost comfort and convenience to your life.

Besides delivering supreme comfort to suit your lifestyle, this home upgrade can help you save money on energy bills as well, making it one of the most valuable home tech products you can install today. Now that is a real plus, isn’t it?

Natural Light Imitation Lamp  

Unable to go out for a longer period of time to enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin? Has quarantine got you feeling incredibly low? Invest in a natural light imitation lamp, if anything, you are never going to regret buying this home automation add-on to make your living space more comfortable.  

Not only does this make you feel like you are in the sun, even on days when you struggle to get out of bed, but it is a great source of light to make your space feel bigger and better, especially if you plan on putting the lamp in the living room. The imitation lamp is not only extremely inexpensive but is also widely available in stores and online. Kenley’s has one of the best imitation lamps in the market. 

Draught-Proof Windows 

Got your temperature regulator on high and still have absolutely no idea why it is unnecessarily chilly in your home? The chances are that either your windows are ill-fitted or have small, unnoticeable cracks that are becoming the main culprit for heat loss in your living space. 

Do not worry, there is a quick and easy fix for this, without racking up on the bills: using draught-proofing strips around your windows. To ensure that your living space is well-insulated, try double, or even triple-glazing your windows with the draught-proofing strips to retain the heat.  

A Sturdy Leather Recliner 

Nothing promises comfort like a soft, sturdy leather recliner does. Much more than that, it is an extremely luxurious add-on without compromising on relaxation. You can either opt for a regular leather recliner that allows you to lay back on its comfy cushion and binge-watch Netflix or a fancy massage leather recliner, which does all that with the additional benefit of a wonderful massage. Whatever you plan on choosing, you can expect utmost comfort. 

A Tablet Stand and Sofa Caddy

You may be thinking: “what am I going to ever do with a tablet stand when a tablet is already made to be portable?” Think again! Is it really all that portable when you wish to lie down or snuggle hands-free in bed? You have probably got your answer. 

A universal tablet stand is going to hold your device in place whether you lie or sit up without you having to use your hands. So, it would be a smart idea to grab one of these. You will be free to eat while you watch your favorite tv-show or even fall asleep without your wrists holding onto the heavy smart device. Try searching for a bamboo tablet stand with an adjustable height so that you are able to make the most out of your stand. 

Similarly, a sofa caddy offers nothing but premium utility. Made to store anything and everything, ranging from something as small and sleek as a tv-remote and your glasses to devices as bulky as your tablet and game controllers, a sofa caddy is a wonderful addition to make your living space more comfortable without having to purchase pricey goods. The best part? It makes the tv-remote super easy to find without having to move an inch out of your warm, comfortable spot. 

Organic Elements 

For many, comfort is synonymous with organic rudiments. If you are one of those people who feel that including one or two organic elements, such as a bushel of flowers or a small planter, can improve the environment in your space, then it is best to invest in beautifying your home naturally. Something as subtle as a lovely, floral centerpiece or even as loud as a big green planter in your living room can do the trick. 

An organic element might not be your typical smart home addition, but it is one that ensures a positive aura, automatically inducing comfort and relaxation in every nook and cranny of your living space.