Impressive Home Tech Projects You Can Start Today

If you’ve been procrastinating about making your house more technology friendly, now is the time to check out some projects that will transform your living space. Some make life a little easier or your home a bit safer, but others will truly turn your home into a centerpiece of the new age. When you are ready, see which of the following tech projects you’ll choose first.

Timed Curtains

With minimal handyman skills and about $20 worth of equipment, it’s possible to set your curtains on a timer so they’ll open and close at pre-set times. You can purchase small pulleys with timers built into them. Simply tie one or more curtain drawstrings into the devices, set the exact minute you want the device to pull the string, and you’re done. You can remove the gizmo if you want to open and close drapes the old-fashioned way, or just turn it off and leave curtains in an open or closed position.

A Personal Elevator

More and more homeowners are installing home elevators. If you’ve toured new homes in your city recently, it’s highly likely you saw one or two in-house elevators. Not only does a high-tech elevator boost resale value, but it has a way of making any abode look classier and more modern. There’s a safety aspect too. Old folks and young children who have trouble with stairs can travel from floor to floor without having to worry about falls.

All-Around Surveillance Cameras

The price of miniature video cameras has come down so much in the past decade that it’s now possible for any homeowner to install enough of these handy devices to gain wraparound surveillance capability, from front yard to back. Some of the simpler cameras cost less than $20 apiece, so you’re looking at around $200 for ten placements on eaves, roofs and light poles in strategic areas. All you need to do is make sure each device has a power source, is securely fastened and feeds to your smartphone, laptop or PC. They’re easy to synchronize and offer an added level of security for any residence.

Smart Thermostats

When programmable thermostats hit the market about 30 years ago, they were popular with consumers, who soon realized that these simple devices had the potential to shave energy bills by as much as 25 percent. But now that three decades have passed, these smart little pieces of technology have grown in efficiency and power, but not in price. For less than $40, you can purchase and install a smart thermostat that offers a full range of programming capabilities. Even when you’re gone, it can keep your house from freezing or getting too hot, keep a record of all temperatures by the hour, log any changed settings and more.

Motion Sensitive Spotlights

For a very inexpensive solution to a common security problem, install motion sensitive spotlights all around your property. If you live in a rural area or a high crime part of the big city, you can place as many large lights as you need, in places that intruders and trespassers can’t reach. Stores sell motion sensors separately or with some brands of lights. If you can read directions, you can install these crime-fighting items with ease.