4 cloud-based tools that can save your business

Cloud computing has become one of the most crucial requirements of several businesses around the world. And for all the right reasons,

  • It reduces the associated costs of operations substantially
  • It is available 24X7
  • Its capacity can be customized and managed according to one’s requirements
  • It automates several processes.
  • It is a highly secure means.
  • Collaboration becomes much more natural and transparent with cloud computing.

So, if you too, are starting your transition from traditional tools to the cloud, here are some of the tools that will help you in making the most out of your business processes.

Read on.

Google’s office tools suite

In the era of the omnipresent smartphone and a breakneck pace of work, employees require a medium through which they can access any data whenever they need. Google’s free suite of tools can make it possible in the smoothest ways.

Be it documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or storing drive G-suite fulfills every requirement of a workplace in a much more secure way than any desktop-based tool.

What’s more is that it provides a real-time platform that can be used for communication, commenting, and editing. Users can also track the history and timeline of the documents as well. So, Google’s office tools are not just great for viewing a file but can also be accessed to edit from anywhere, anytime.

Salesforce – CRM

Salesforce is known to be one of the most robust tools on the market when it comes to customer relationship management. This cloud-based software creates a 360-degrees view of all the customer-related data, communication, and information. With a highly intuitive interface, Salesforce helps the users to filter, categorize, manage all the clients as they want.

The best thing about this software is that it not just caters to the customer management part of any workplace but also offers the employees a more controlled, transparent, and trackable means of communication. It also makes the tracking of success and progress much easier for salespeople, as well as the management.

eLearning Authoring tools

Time and again, it has been established that training of employees in any business is vital for its growth. And while many companies choose to outsource them, creating eLearning courses in-house still trumps it every time.

With perks like:

  • Better customization opportunities.
  • More interactive and engaging courses.
  • Reduced associated costs and time required for content development.
  • Easier and rapid updates.

eLearning authoring tools give power to content developers to make highly engaging courses using in-built templates, graphics, and themes.

Cloud-based authoring tools are available of one-time license basis and subscription model. Furthermore, there are many free eLearning authoring tools in the market as well.

Planning tools

Any business can effectively grow and scale only by reason of proper planning and management. Thanks to technology, there are a number of cloud-based planning software, such as Anaplan.

This tool’s planning cloud provides a customizable and scalable solution in itself, that is created on a multi-functionary platform. Planning tools like Anaplan cater to areas related to HR, finance, sales, and operations.

Tools like this focus upon holistic enterprise planning along with the optimization of business processes and performance. Having this kind of tools to your aid make multidimensional, and often haphazard, operations of sales and marketing streamlined for the employees which gives a clear view of all the revenue streams in one place for better planning.


Cloud computing has become a crucial entity for the corporate and non-corporate worlds. It helps in making better business models based on clearer data, collaboration, and process flow of companies. And needless to say, if you have access to the right data at the right time, decision making and business operations become much more effective, thereby, giving your considerable room for growth.