Which CPU is better and less expensive to invest in?

There are various companies who are manufacturing computer parts for custom built computers. Intel is the most famous among all and has produced several CPUs to be used at home or work. Each CPU and processor has its own specs and are used for the required task specifically. Intel has produced CPUs which were specifically for gaming as well. The Pentium G4600 is a low cost CPU with two cores, two threads and 3.6 GHz clock. It is the most inexpensive model from Intel which were ever produced. The CPU also got instant hit after its launch.

The G6400 had similar specs to the Core i3-7100 but it was sold for almost half the price. It was sold out in most of the stores soon after its launch. When the law of supply and demand was applied then the processor became much more expensive than the other processor model which was launched with it. G4600 had a superior model and higher clock with better integrated video than the G4560. The Pentium G4600 brings the Intel HD 630 iGPU and the same that comes in all the high-end Kaby Lake desktop CPUs. On the other hand, the Pentium G4560 comes with the Intel HD 610 iGPU and has half the graphics cores.

The Pentium G4600 has two cores and four threads, a 3.6 GHz clock, 3 MB of L3 cache, TDP of 51W and uses LGA1151 socket. The package of the CPU comes with a cooler, CPU chip, a manual and a case sticker. For the benchmark tests, Pentium G4600 was compared to the Core i3-7100, Core i5-7400, Core i5-8400 and Ryzen 5 1500X. To perform the tests, GeForce GTX 1080 video card was used in all the tests. Same configurations were used for the benchmark testing of all the CPUs. The only item which was variable was the CPU itself. The system used for the benchmark testing had the Coffee Lake Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming motherboard, Kaby Lake Gigabyte AORUS Z270X Gaming-7 motherboard, and ASRock X370 Taichi. It had 16GB DDR4, video card GeForce GTX 1080, video monitor Philips 236VL and power supply of Corsair CX600 was used. The system was running Windows 10 Home.

An error margin of 4% was adopted in this case. This means that below 4% difference cannot be considered relevant. Products with a difference performance of 4% should be considered as having the same performance. For the benchmark tests PCMark 10 was used. This software uses the real-world applications to test the computer’s performance. Standard tests were run which included opening applications, web browsing, writing, photo editing, video chat, video conversion and rendering. In the tests, G4600 was 7% slower than the Core i3-7100. Other tests also revealed that the G4600 was performing close to Core i3-7100.

The Pentium G4600 performs similar to the Core i3-7100. This should have been expected since the only difference between them is the 300 MHz clock rate. As they are prforming almost similar to each other, you should invest in the less expensive one. However, if you will be using integrated videos, it is better to buy the Pentium G4600. It is best to build a budget PC for work or gaming and has excellent cost-to-benefit ratio in either situation.