Why Video Should Be Part of Your Online Marketing Arsenal

Do you use video as part of your online marketing efforts? If not, you need to address this situation
as quickly as possible. Video is a powerful way to educate, entertain and grab the attention of online
audiences and this includes people who may be interested in your products or services. Listed below
are some of the main reasons why video should be part of your online marketing arsenal.

It’s Effective at Explaining Complex Information

Explaining things over the internet is not always an easy task. You may be trying to say one thing, but
your online audience may misunderstand what you are saying and think you are saying something
else. This can lead to a lot of confusion, but the latest online video technologies make it much easier
to get your point across.

A good example of this is hand drawn animation videos like those made by The Draw Shop. These
short, interactive videos are able to explain complex information in a short amount of time and the
fact that they are in video format means they can be replayed, paused, and fast-forwarded so that
you can get a greater understanding of what is contained in the video.

Online Audiences Prefer Video

Video has become one of the most popular online formats ever. Proof of this is the huge popularity
of video sharing websites like YouTube. These websites attract millions of viewers from all around
the globe every day and their online audiences continue to grow.

Creating and Sharing a Video is Easy

The latest developments in mobile, online, and video technologies make it extremely easy to create
and share a video with large numbers of people. Almost every mobile and computing device today
has a powerful camera, so you can realistically create your own high-quality videos. A wide range of
professional online video providers are also available and provide this important service at an
affordable rate.

Once a video is created, it’s extremely easy to distribute it. You can publish it on your own website,
on social media websites or you can send it to other smartphone users. All of these opportunities to
share a video mean you could reach a massive audience with your marketing videos.

You Can Combine Different Formats

A lot of valuable information can be included in a video and this information can be presented in a
wide range of formats. Text, audio, and video clips can all be added to market, sell and inform people
about the business you are promoting online.

It’s a Cost-effective Way to Market Your Products and Services
When all is said and done, the effectiveness of any marketing strategy or campaign comes down to the amount of money it costs and the amount of income it generates. Once a marketing video is
created, it’s an extremely affordable way to reach huge numbers of online users. The number of
sales a simple, yet effective video can generate can be huge, compared to other marketing methods.
Video is changing the way millions of businesses and online marketers reach out to their shoppers
and customers. It’s a powerful way to communicate online and it’s a marketing strategy you should
seriously consider, starting today.