Why your next Android tablet will include NVIDIA Tegra 4

According to CNET,  your next Android tablet will include NVIDIA Tegra 4, which will include better-looking games, faster Web surfing even increased battery life.

Your Android tablet sucks. At least compared with what’s coming. Later this year we’ll see the release of three new Systems on Chip (SoC). SoC is simply the name used for the collection of silicon that makes up the brains of the tablet and includes the CPU, GPU (graphics processing unit), onboard memory, and other processors.
The new chips will no doubt be used to power many high-end Android tablets and are expected to deliver better-looking games, faster Web surfing, increased battery life, and in at least one case, could allow you to take better-looking photos.

Of course, these chips have yet to see the light of day on tablets, so I can’t say with certainty the benefits they’ll provide, but I’m willing to go out on a limb to say they’ll be faster and more power efficient than your soon-to-be older chips. And over the next several paragraphs


Here is video preview of gaming experience
“Tegra 4-enhanced Zombie Driver: Side-by-side comparison vs non-Tegra 4”

NVIDIA worked with Exor Studios to include Tegra 4 enhancements such as:

– Full HD resolution
– Real-time dynamic lighting
– Different lighting conditions in all missions
– Per-pixel shading on all surfaces with custom per-material specular masks
– PC content base — more polygons & better textures
– 2x the zombies in some missions
– Custom blood splat shader on vehicles
– Anisotropic x16 texture filtering


Full details at:  Nvidia