10+ Best Real Estate WordPress Themes For Property Business and Services 2017

Any real estate agent will tell you that presentation is everything. You need to look the part and you have to make sure that the houses you advertise are staged correctly. This presentation extends far beyond those physical details. You also need a great online presence. Your website needs to catch the eye and attract buyers. It also needs to be capable of helping buyers find what they are looking for when they are searching for houses.

The WordPress content management system (CMS) offers you all of the tools you need to create a basic website. However, you need help if you want to ensure your website stands out from the crowd. Unfortunately, most real estate agents don’t have any expertise in programming or creating WordPress modules. That’s where these WordPress themes can help you.

The best templates have several important features. They need to look the part. Nobody is going to trust the website if it doesn’t look professional. Further, they must be functional. Those looking at properties expect to be able to filter your selections based on their requirements. From a business standpoint, you also need to consider search engine optimization (SEO). After all, the property market is extremely competitive. If you can’t get your website to rank on Google, your competitors are going to attract more customers.

There are a lot of superb real estate WordPress themes that will ensure you offer visitors everything they need. The best have been built with the real estate industry in mind. As such, they have several features that are completely unique to the industry. Here we are going to take a look at some of the best that you can find in 2017.

Emilia Warren Theme

The Emilia Warren theme is ideal for real estate agents as it has the Cherry Real Estate Plugin built in. This allows you to add, delete, and edit properties using your website’s CMS. It even shows visitors where the property is on a map. Best of all, you can get it to send information to your agents when somebody uses it to place an enquiry.

The theme offers several layouts and plenty of customization options. You can choose different content modules to make your website look different to any others on the web. It also uses optimized code, meaning it is great for those who want quality SEO.

The Emilia Warren Theme uses responsive design to ensure it displays properly on all devices. Best of all, you have access to free technical support 24 hours per day. This is crucial for a theme that has so many different moving parts.

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Villa Elisa Theme

Taking only five minutes to install, the Villa Elisa theme uses a handy drag and drop system to help you customize your website. It also comes with the full package of Cherry plugins. This gives you access to the Cheery Real Estate Plugin that will help you show off your company’s properties quickly and easily.

Responsiveness is at the core of the design. This is one of the best real estate WordPress themes for those who want to make sure anybody can see their website. Visitors can access the site using mobile and desktop devices. Best of all, the theme works on all major web browsers.

Designed by some of the leading names in the real estate industry, the theme features clean code. This means it loads quicker and helps you get good rankings in search engines. Further, the theme comes with between seven and 15 stock photos. You can get the site up and running in minutes, adding to it as needed.

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Estadoz Theme

Featuring a beautifully clear layout, the Estadoz theme allows you to drag and drop website features. This easy customization makes it simple for you to build a great real estate website in a matter of minutes. Best of all, you don’t need any coding expertise. The theme creates all of the code automatically for you. It also makes sure this code is clean so you don’t need to worry about search engine friendliness.

As with many WordPress themes for real estate, Estadoz comes with the Cherry Real Estate Plugin. This lets you place properties on the site in a matter of moments. Better yet, it features the full Cherry suite of plugins. You can add testimonials, create projects, and design popups quickly.

You will always have the support of a technical team that can help you with any issues. This is included in the price of the theme, so there are no sneaky fees to worry about.

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CozyHouse Theme

The name says it all. This is a theme that is perfect for showing off homes online to your visitors. The Cherry Real Estate Plugin makes sure this stands out as one of the highest quality WordPress real estate themes. You can get properties online in moment. Better yet, the plugin shows your visitors where the properties are using Google Maps. You can even automate assigning the clients who ask about the property.

There’s much more under the hood than Cherry though. The theme comes with a raft of documentation so you can get as involved with it as you like. Don’t let that make you think it’s complicated to get started though. You can get a site up and running in minutes thanks to its content modules. You won’t even need to do any coding because that’s all handled for you.

The clean design is responsive and you can feel assured that the template has some of the industry’s leading minds behind it.

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HomePro Theme

What do you look for in your real estate WordPress templates? If it’s easy of use coupled with quality design then the HomePro theme may be right for you. It features over 25 different modules, all of which you can drag into the design to quickly customize it to your needs. It takes second to do and you don’t need to fuss with any code. The theme creates your code on the fly and cleans it up for search engines.

Like many of the themes on this list, HomePro uses the Cherry Real Estate Plugin. This is one of the most versatile property plugins available for WordPress. It helps you to quickly advertise homes on your website. You can add pictures, descriptions, and anything else the listing may need to achieve a sale.

You also receive full technical support from a team that is available at all hours of the day. SEO is taken care of thanks to the WordPress CMS and the clean code.

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Legacy Theme

A theme that focuses on the financial sides of real estate as well as advertising property, Legacy has it all. You can help visitors find the home of their dreams and offer mortgage calculations right on the site. Customizing the template is simple and you have access to more than 25 modules so you can get your site doing what you need it to do.

Technical support comes as standard and the code behind the site is as clean as a whistle. That makes it great for SEO. You won’t have to worry about poor coding hurting your search results. With Legacy, the code is clean, which makes it easier for search engines to figure it out.

Speaking about the code, you won’t have to mess with it at all. The theme allows you to make all of the changes you want with a simple drag and drop system. You can have a website designed in minutes. Best of all, Legacy has one of the most professional designs out there. Your visitors are sure to respect it.

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Bellaina Theme

The Bellaina theme is one of the best real estate WordPress templates because it comes integrated with the IDX plugin. This means you can show your visitors some of the latest real estate market data without having to find it yourself. Couple that with the Cherry Real Estate Plugin and you have a theme that packs a real one-two punch of quality.

As with all great themes, customization comes easy. You won’t need to spend hours laboring over tough code. All you need to do is drag and drop the modules you want on your website. It really couldn’t be simpler. You can have the site up and running in moments. Best of all, you can make changes whenever you need them.

The theme also supports over 500 Google fonts and has full licensing from GPL. Beyond this, it incorporates some of the most recent developments in web design. You can use custom widgets and the theme works across all devices and web browsers.

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Take & Spend Theme

Unlike many other WordPress themes for real estate, Take & Spend is all about the financial side of real estate. That means it doesn’t come equipped with the Cherry plugin. However, you shouldn’t ignore it straight of the bat. This theme was designed by some of the leading experts in the real estate industry. It has the clean and concise design that you would expect, with a lot of extras packed under the hood.

You can use customized modules to include all kinds of content, from text and audio through to pictures and video. The template even comes with free technical support. This means you have all of the help you need when working on it.

We don’t think you’ll need it though. Working on this template could not be simpler. It uses drag and drop functionality to help you make changes. Just pop a feature into the design and you will see it appear live in seconds. The theme even changes your code automatically and keeps it clean for search engines.

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Real Estate Agency Responsive Theme

There are few things more important than responsive design in the modern web environment. So many of your visitors will access your website using mobile devices. Others will use laptops, desktop computers, or tablets. The key is making sure your site looks great on all of these devices. That’s where the real estate agency responsive theme shines.

It’s not just responsiveness that makes this one of the best real estate WordPress templates. The theme has an array of features that aid visibility. The stick to top menu will ensure your visitors can always access every area of the site. Better yet, the theme can optimize your website so it looks great even on high-pixel displays.

It uses the Cherry suite of packages to help you show off properties. This, combined with the MotoPress Editor, will ensure you can start marketing properties as soon as you have them available. The theme also allows you to modify your pages so they display in the correct language for the visitor.

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Real Estate Theme

Don’t let the simple name fool you. There’s a lot to love about the Real Estate Theme. In fact, it’s one of the most comprehensive themes around. Responsive design is the name of the game here. The template focuses on offering the best possible quality across all devices. That means it’s retina ready so it doesn’t matter how powerful the screen is. Your site will look great every time.

The only template on the list to use parallax technology, the theme can help you create the illusion of depth on a 2D surface. That’s not all. It comes with the Cherry framework and MotoPress Editor built in, which makes creating the perfect property website simple. You can even use the MotoPress Slider to make amazing banners.

SEO is also a top priority. The theme allows you to make changes to title tags and meta data so you can come out on top of search rankings.

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Every of these themes has been designed with the real estate professional in mind. Whether you’re helping clients buy and sell properties or helping them deal with the financials of a real estate transaction, there is a template here to suit your needs.

The common thread between these WordPress themes for real estate is quality. They have each passed the high standards of an extremely professional industry that will accept nothing less than the best from its providers. The best is what you will get with all ten of these templates. Quality design is just the starting point. It is the integration with plugins and other software that makes all of these themes so special.

Beyond that, these WordPress Real Estate Themes help you to take advantage of the most important modern aspects of web design. Responsiveness ensures you don’t have to worry about your theme running into trouble on other devices. Better yet, you will achieve high rankings in search engines with a little work. The code is clean and easy to handle, plus you have full access to tech support completely free of charge.

So what do you think? Have you used one of these themes before? If so, we want to hear from you. Add a comment below to tell us about your experiences.