4C IFD Bicycle by Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo’s 4C is one of the most anticipated new models in years for the Italian brand – but it’s not exactly affordable. Now there’s a considerably cheaper Alfa 4C – but it only has two wheels, and it doesn’t have an engine.  The 4C IFD Bicycle has been designed by Alfa Romeo’s style centre and Italian bike specialists Compagnia Ducale as an alternative to the sporty new coupe. As with the new $80,000 sportscar, the 4C IFD is a lightweight beast, weighing in at 6.9 kilograms thanks to its construction using carbon fibre components similar to those seen in the car. IFD stands for Innovative Frame Design, referring to the 4-shaped frame and the C-shaped cross section.  The bike is set to go on sale later this year in select markets. Prices range from 3500 euro to 9000 euro ($5000 to $13,000).  Continue

2013-Alfa-Romeo-4C-IFD-Bicycle-1357506397 2-4c-ifd-bicycle-by-alfa-romeo