Workstation Essential: Just Mobile AluCharge

When it comes to tech accessories or gadgets; one thing they all have in common, they almost always include an UBS cable,  78% of today’s accessories and carry on devices are charged via USB, majority of them do not include an wall plug adopter. And your workstation, yeah that usually offers 4-6 USB post, but those probably occupied with essential like your keyboard, mouse, speaker, even the monitors and if your a Mac users, well, you know the rest – So what you do when you need to charge that portable speakers or tablet? we have just the solution, the AluCharge from Just Mobile offer an ultra slim multi-port USB charger  that will simultaneously  charge up to 4 devices from just one power supply.

Unlike your everyday USB hub that typically occupies one of your UBS port, and lack in power, the AluCharg  requires just one power supply. And thanks to its intelligent charging, it will deliver exactly the right amount of power to iOS and Android devices using Smart IC.

I’ve been using the AluCharger for couple of weeks now, and its a wonder why I didn’t pick one up sooner, wire clutter are a thing in the past as I’m only using one port on my power strip, and I’m able to charge both of my mobile devices and my tablet. This has also been an useful travel companion, I can pretty much plug it to any wall outlets in my hotel and charge all my devices. The build quality on the AluCharge is very impressive with high-quality components and finished in unibody aluminum,  this thing can get the everyday wear and tear from day-to-day traveling.

If you would like to pick up one, check out JustMobile.

Here are some unboxing photos: