9 Best Team Building Games for Your Tech Company

Corporate team building games are a great way to bring your employees together, while helping to improve their critical thinking and communication skills. If you are looking for some fun activities to try with your staff, here are the ten best team building games for your tech company.

An Escape Room
There is no better way to build relationships than with a fun yet challenging escape room. Your employees will need to work together to work their way out of a themed-room within sixty minutes. Your staff must put their heads together to adopt the best strategies for Escape Rooms so that they can complete the game within an hour. Here your employees will need to value everyone’s individual contribution and listen to their opinions, so they can master the challenge before the clock runs out.

A Scavenger Hunt
Break your employees into a group of two or more, and provide quirky tasks for each team to complete together on a scavenger hunt. For instance, you can instruct them to buy a pineapple, take a selfie with a stranger, and find an object in the office building. Not only will you need to provide them with a list of instructions, but you must also set a deadline for them to tick the tasks off their list. Whoever completes their list first will win the game. It can be a great team bonding exercise, as you can break up an office click by pairing together colleagues from different departments or social circles.

Egg Drop
Are you looking for a team bonding game you can play inside your office? Egg drop can be the perfect activity for the whole team. Split your employees into groups of three or five people, and provide each team with an uncooked egg. You should then give each team 15 to 30 minutes to use the onsite office supplies to build a supportive contraption for the egg, which can prevent it from breaking when dropped.

For instance, they could use packing material, pencils, tape, or rubber bands to stop the egg from cracking. Once their time is up, each team must drop the egg directly onto the contraption to see which idea did or didn’t work. Not only will this help team members to bond, but they’ll need to use their problem-solving skills and creativity to build the perfect contraption.

Truth and Lies
Truth and Lies is an excellent icebreaker game, as it can help to bring new employees together while helping them to learn more about each other. It can also prevent colleagues from making quick judgments about each other, while providing introverts with a chance to speak up.

All you need to do is sit everyone in a circle, so your team are facing each other, and request that each employee comes up with three facts about themselves, as well as one lie. The lie must, however, be realistic, so people struggle to guess the lie from the truth before the big reveal.

Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower
A great deal of creativity and problem solving is required in any technology company, which is why the Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower game is a must-play game within a company. You’ll need to provide each team with a marshmallow, masking tape, string, and spaghetti sticks to build a tower. Each team will need to create the tallest tower possible, which must stand on its own for five seconds or more without external support. The marshmallow must also be placed at the top of the tower.

A Paper Plane Contest
A paper plane contest will require team collaboration, creativity, and strategy. You’ll need to mark the launch line with tape in a long hallway, and you’ll also need plenty of paper or card, as well as a measuring stick. Provide your teams with different paper plane design options, so each will make a paper airplane they believe will fly the farthest. The team whose plane successfully flies the farthest in the hallway will win the game.

Who Am I?
Unfortunately, stereotypes can often stand in the way of teamwork within the workplace. Break down people’s prejudices with the game Who Am I? Simply write index tags or name tags with different types of people, such as nerd, go-getter, lazy, or authoritative. You should then place the name on a person’s back, so they cannot see it, but their teammates can.

You should then encourage the group to chat, and it will be each player’s job to guess what their label is by how they are treated by their colleagues. They will then need to air who they believe they are to the group, and each player can exit the game once they have guessed right.

The Shrinking Vessel
Creativity and problem solving are the cornerstone of every productive business. That’s why you should certainly encourage your team to enjoy a game of shrinking vessel. You’ll need to buy a rope, blanket, or masking tape to mark the space on the office floor. You should them tell a team to stand inside the space. Once you have done so, start shrinking the space they are standing in, so they will need to quickly work together to keep everyone inside the increasingly smaller space. If a person steps outside the boundaries, then they will lose – so they’ll need to communicate well to win the game.

Office Trivia
Observation is essential in business, as employees will need to identify problems before they arise, or improve attention to detail to maintain a professional brand. Office trivia can, therefore, be a great game, as it will test how observant your team are so that they can boost or build upon their observation skills. So, ask your team questions such as “how many people work within the IT department?” or “How many windows are there in the office building?” It can increase their knowledge of the office, while encouraging them to focus on the smaller details.