Exclusive New Budget iPhone Leak

Hey Tacties!

Bet you didn’t think I could top the exciting news of the Apple iPad 5 mould leak huh?

Well, never underestimate me and my little network of spies, because I have even more thrilling news to share with you today, and you’re all the first to know about it.

It’s been whispered about for a while now, but the above image allegedly shows the never before seen, rear shell of the rumoured budget iPhone. What do you think of this fantactus find? Could it really be the real deal? I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath with antactipation!

So what exactly is this image hinting at? Well, it looks like it features an all uniform plastic polycarbonate shell – very different to the iPhone 5′s sleek aluminium look, but still modern and covetable; I would certainly like to get my little wooden hands on one! Especially since that means it will be easy to add colour differentiation: I have an eye for style you know…

It’s also intactresting to see that the plastic shell measures in at 0.4-0.6mm thick, however the actual phone might be around 9mm thick, 120mm in height and around 62-65mm in width, which means it’s likely both taller and wider than the iPhone 4/4s! Hmm, being so little I’m not sure I could cope with that! However this doesn’t look as rounded as the iPhone 3Gs, in fact, it looks tapered to a flat back which is stylish but still a low-cost option for production. Clever thinking Apple.

I’ve also heard on the grapevine that the alleged budget iPhone will have an A5 processor like the iPad Mini with a 32nm diecast. It’s also rumoured it will have a 3.5 inch retina screen, much like the 4S, but not as big as the iPhone 5 – a few more pennies saved with that compromise!

It’s also likely to have a handy 5MP camera, again like the iPhone 4! Useful for taking a few more snaps of my adventures.

With a little more Tactus-style sleuthing I’ve also discovered the factory producing this secretive project have confirmed the device will be available in Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow – it will be highly interesting to see how that fits in to Apple’s current aesthetic…

Is this a little fantactical for them? What do you Tacties think?

Here’s a final little Tactus prediction for you: I’m seeing the budget iPhone going on sale October 15th for $300 or £229-£249.

How do I know this you ask?

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see if my vision comes true!

We haven’t yet found out a name for this little secret yet, so what do you think it might be called, Tacties? The iPhone Lite? iPhone 0.5?

Are you all as excited as I am? The suspense is killing me!
Tactus out!
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