Surprising Tech Solutions for Business Owners

Many first-time entrepreneurs are shocked to discover that high-tech solutions are not always the best. The same is true for costly software systems and products. That’s good news because it means even cash-strapped and frugal management teams can leverage the power of ordinary technology that doesn’t cost a fortune. What are the kinds of things that get the job done for a reasonable price?

In addition to GPS-based systems in the transportation industry, like the ones that track vehicle fleets, there are digital asset tags for all kinds of items, cloud storage solutions for data, energy-saving devices that cut down on utility bills, and biometric ID products that serve a number of purposes. Here are more details about some of the most cost-efficient appliances, gadgets, systems, programs, apps, and solutions for modern commercial enterprises.

GPS for Fleet Managers

In the fast-paced world of transport fleet management, supervisors who emphasize safety and savings turn to GPS systems for real-world efficiency. Whatever challenges fleet managers face, and there’s no shortage of them, GPS systems help track and monitor any number of vehicles at any point in their respective routes. One reason GPS-enabled devices are so ubiquitous among commercial fleets is that total costs are low, and the technology behind them helps managers avoid frequent breakdowns and glitches that often plague high-level computerized programs and apps used in other industries.

Asset Tags

Tech-enhanced asset tags have been around for more than a decade. Some are GPS-based, while others employ RFID science to get the job done. Whichever version owners choose, the results are multifaceted. In addition to being a low-cost solution to a number of problems, the tags are an ideal way to deter theft, locate lost or stolen items, and generally keep tabs on machinery, devices, appliances, furniture, and inventory 24/7 without the need for human oversight.

Cloud Storage

Entrepreneurs and other owners are learning about cloud computing and discovering the cost-efficient benefits that come with storing reams of data in the cyberspace cloud. While the tech has been in existence for more than 20 years, few companies chose to use it at first. Some feared loss or theft of proprietary information, while others didn’t like the idea of handing files over to a third party for storage. Nowadays, that initial resistance is evaporating as more organizations look to cloud storage as a default answer to their data storage needs.

Energy Saving Devices

Offices of all sizes benefit from two low-tech devices: motion-sensitive lighting and programmable thermostats. They both work to minimize energy costs and utility bills, and both are easy to install. Even one-person offices rely on motion-detecting lighting systems to deter high electric bills. Workspaces of any size can cut energy use by a significant amount by installing inexpensive smart thermostats.

Biometric ID for Employees

Biometric devices have come down in price recently as companies in every industry purchase them to prevent unauthorized access, theft, payroll fraud, physical assault, and other unwanted situations. There’s no more cost-effective way to keep intruders out and keep accurate payroll records. While it is possible to defeat some biometric systems, it’s much harder to do so than when they’re not in place.