Five Exciting Technology Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018

As a devout technophile, you love to keep up with the current news on the latest and greatest gadgets. As reports seem to indicate, 2018 promises to be a banner year for innovative tech trends. Check out the following five innovative types of tech to watch this year:

Ultra-fast Networks

Instead of slower home broadband connections, people can now enjoy powerful wireless connections by using a wide range of networks including ultra-fast 4G and 4G+ LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Qualcomm’s 4G LTE laptops allow you to be more productive than ever, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform featuring the Snapdragon X16 LTE modem. The 4G laptops are lighter, thinner and faster than ever and are always-connected, all while using less power.

A Robot to Help You Sleep

Yep, you read that correctly. This year, robots will do much more than help with housework; there is now a companion robot that can help you to fall asleep and stay that way. The Somnox robot improves sleep through breathing regulation, sounds and affection. For example, when you hold the Somnox sleep robot you can feel it “breathe.” Since studies have shown that feeling a breathing rhythm can encourage you to fall asleep and reduce stress, the robot’s breathing may help you to drift off.

Sun-sensing Skin Sensors

If you love to sunbathe but are concerned about over-exposure to UV rays, you will be extra-excited about a sensor that L’Oreal debuted at the recent CES tech conference. UV Sense is a battery-free wearable electronic sensor that can measure your UV exposure and store up to three months of data. Available from L’Oreal’s skincare brand La Roche-Posay, this tiny little device is less than 2 mm thick and 9 mm in diameter and it is designed to stick to your thumbnail. This amazing wearable is accompanied by a mobile app that transfers the data about UVA and UVB rays to your smartphone, to keep you updated about your UV exposure.

Augmented Reality Becomes More Mainstream

A useful type of technology that will also reduce neck pain is Heads Up Displays (HUD). Instead of staring down at our phones when doing things like playing Pokemon Go, you will be able to keep your smartphone in your pocket and use the power of augmented reality glasses to help you play the game. Looking ahead a bit, augmented reality (AR) is predicted to become even more mainstream and amazing — for example, as the HUDs become a standard part of eyeglasses, you might be able to vacation in a foreign country and have your glasses automatically translate the street signs for you.

3D Printing Offering More Options

When 3D printers came out, people were amazed at the way plastic filament could be “printed” into a number of useful objects. Advancements in 3D printers mean they are now available in much smaller and budget-friendly versions, as well as being capable of using a different material than plastic. For example, a company called Desktop Metal has launched two new systems that promise to 3D print custom objects out of alloys including aluminum, copper and steel.

One of the best things about being a technophile is that there is always something incredible coming down the pike. This year is definitely shaping up to be an amazing time for innovative tech, including uber-fast wireless connections, personal tech devices and a cool new twist on a 3D printer. As for what’s coming up after 2018? We will have to wait and see.