Four Ways to Widen Your Online Audience

The power of the Internet is in its connections. You can instantly chat or even video someone from the other side of the world, and for businesses, you can sell to your demographic in every country and region it appears. You are not bound by the borders of home, nor by the radius of your physical store. You can become a huge hit and sell to billions of people, but first, you need to let those people around the world know who you are by using these four tips:

1. Clean Up/Audit Your Online Presence

Before you commit to any digital marketing initiative, you must go through and audit your online presence. From an SEO perspective, this can make your site more attractive to Google’s search engine algorithms and rank you higher. From a customer perspective, this can give you a professional finish that they like to see before buying from a new company.  

2. Commit to a Smart SEO and PR Strategy

Once your audits are complete, it is time to implement SEO and PR strategies that will make your brand new digital presence shine. Get your link out there on a variety of relevant sites, contact local media and niche websites to publish press releases, and commit to the strategies you implement. Writing one guest post is great, but it won’t give you the results that you want.  

If you don’t have experience in SEO, however, let the professionals handle it. can take over your entire SEO campaign, or can provide you with the white hat link building that your company needs in order to rank well and succeed.  

3. Create Useful and Interesting Content

The only SEO strategy that Google recommends is great content and content marketing. This strategy is easy for non-SEO experts to work with because the way you will succeed here is by creating content that is engaged with. Think of your users and their demographic and create content that they will love. You won’t likely get it correct right off of the bat, but use analytics and tweak your future publications until you find the sweet spot for the highest engagement.  

4. Collaborate with Influencers in Creative Ways

Users typically do not trust regular advertisements. Why? Because they can be paid for. Because they are easy. If you really want to advertise to your demographic, you need to do in ways that they trust. Partner with influencers that they know who pride themselves on giving honest reviews. Go to big media brands to see if they will feature your product, and so on. Trust is a huge part of marketing, and using the right channels is key.

Widening your online audience takes time, commitment, and dedication. You cannot expect instantaneous results. You need to build a relationship with each and every one of your potential customers, and you also need to build up your reputation. While doing this, put into place the systems that will help you get your product to individuals around the world.