How Technology Continues to Transform Gaming

Gaming has already come a long way, but surely has a long way to go still, with technology continually changing and modernizing.

2020 promises to be an exciting year for the gaming community, with countless new games being released as well as both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 being released around the Christmas period. There is also promising stuff for the online casino games world, with many great new slot sites being launched and upgraded to be better than ever before. No matter what type of gaming you enjoy, there’s going to be something for everyone this coming year and further into the decade, as tech continues to transform gaming.

Distributed Ledger (Blockchain)

Generally speaking, most people associate the word blockchain with bitcoin, but there are many more uses for this technology than just that. Its key purpose is to provide a trustworthy method of recording ownership of “things,” and to exchange other “things.”

The blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention. Each ledger contains just a small percentage of any data, so that even if somebody was to gain unauthorized access to this data, they would fail to make any sense of it.

Blockchain tech could be used to create cryptocurrency, which would have significant benefits in the gaming industry. However, before the tech can be put to use, a steady level of trust must first be established with global regulators. The tech, however, could be used to create a trusted network to unite games operators and developers, building something new and different for consumers whilst simultaneously opening up transparency of data for gaming regulators. There is undoubtedly huge potential for blockchain technology, and it will be interesting to see where it takes the gaming community in future years.

Advanced VR And AR Tech

It is anticipated that virtual and augmented reality will play a much bigger role in online gaming in the not too distance future, as the cost of VR headsets drop and become more affordable to the average consumer. The use of VR and AR tech can completely transform the gaming experience into one that is far more exciting and realistic.

The PlayStation VR already currently offers gamers the ability to explore their virtual surroundings in 360 degrees, whilst the PlayStation 3DRudder allows for greater immersion into the gaming experience. The PlayStation 3DRudder also allows for greater ease of use as a players can spin, tilt and apply pressure using just their feet as a way of conveniently working their way around PlayStation VR games.

As time goes on, the quality of VR will of course improve. Even in just a few more years, VR gaming will likely be far more believable and immersive, and gamers will feel even more as though they have been pulled right into the heart and action of their favourite games.


Casual mobile gaming has become incredibly popular in recent years, due to the release of games such as Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja. With the launch of 5G, it is expected that playing games on the go will become an even stronger trend, as it will provide users with faster mobile internet as well as resulting in less congested networks. The download speeds of 5G will trump most home broadband transfer rates and is expected to be around ten minutes faster than current 4G speeds. All this will make playing online games on the go much easier and doable. Many games out there, like Injustice 2, can easily eat up 1GB, meaning that at current many gamers will have to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to play these types of games.

5G, however, will allow mobile gamers to enjoy their favourite games during daily commutes, whilst travelling, and during any other period where they happen not to have Wi-Fi connection. This is of course much more convenient and will transform the way people are able to enjoy games on a day to day basis.

Better Graphics

The jump in quality from even seven or eight years ago is highly noticeable, with games from the past decade already looking dated. Games developers and creators are continually pushing to up the graphics quality of their new releases, especially with so much market competition these days. Over the course of the upcoming year, and the upcoming decade, it would be highly surprising if graphics in gaming didn’t become far more realistic and aesthetically pleasing.

There will certainly be a lot to look out for over the course of this year, and the coming decade, in terms of new advancements in the gaming world. As technology grows and becomes more intelligent, so do our games. There is without a doubt a lot to look forward to.