How to Improve Conversion on Your Website

There is one thing that stops a high traffic rate from equalling higher revenue for an eCommerce store – conversion rate. Having a low conversion rate means that visitors don’t engage with your site and renders any volume of traffic virtually useless. Here are some tricks you can use to get that rate up and start making more money.

Reassure potential customers

Customers need to feel as safe as possible throughout the transaction, there’s something about the distance that a computer creates that can make anybody thinking about making a purchase potentially reticent. You should use testimonials throughout your site’s landing page and product pages to provide an element of social proof. Another quick change you can make is to implement a no-questions asked refund guarantee on all your purchases. This’ll increase your sales and add more value than the money you’ll lose on returns.

Test everything you can

Testing your site provides 2 benefits. It allows you to find areas of your site that are leading to low conversion (or areas that need optimized conversion) as well as making sure that nothing is breaking an interrupting the sales process. Test your site as much as you can to ensure a smooth transition between landing on the page, finding a product and making the purchase. You will probably need to enlist the help of a site like, as you will need an in-depth knowledge of analytics, but it will be well worth it.

Make your brand human

Do everything you can to show that there’s a real person behind your brand and that your company won’t take somebody’s money and run. A great way to do this is by including a simple video on your landing pages to demonstrate to visitors that you exist! Make sure any customers that want to get in touch can get a hold of you and make sure you’re manning the questions directed at you as much as you can. A word from a company’s boss can impress and reassure any customers that have a problem with the service you provide.

Prioritize honesty

Every company should be honest, but that extends to beyond not being snake oil salesmen. Your site’s copy should be clear and compelling that doesn’t hype up your product or service beyond reality. Customers online tend to be more likely to use System 2 thinking when making purchases, which means they’re less likely to fall for exaggerations (and if they do you’ll probably hear about it with complaints or plummeting ratings). If you are honest throughout your site, your potential customers will subconsciously pick up on it and be more likely to be a converted visitor.

Conversion rates really are king in eCommerce. If you’re hungry for more tips there are oodles of online resources available to help you with this throughout your launch or growth stage. Remember to also try to drive traffic (a 100% conversion rate with 10 visitors a day is still worse than a 1% conversion rate with 2000 visitors a day), but adopt a strategy that values both for what they really are – two crucial tools in an online shop’s arsenal.