How to Use Technology to Make the Most of Your Charity’s Data

Whether you like it or not, technology has had a huge and unprecedented impact on the present and the projected future of every single business—regardless of the industry and indeed, whether the company is for profit or admirably, nonprofit.

There are, as everyone is aware, more than a few concerns (mainly surrounding cybercrime and online hackers) about the safety of data online and when you are running or working for a charitable organization, this is even more of a pressing concern.

However, regardless of any reservations, there is a wide plethora of exceedingly beneficial ways in which charities can utilize modern technology to make the most of the data they collect—and here are four of them.

Invest in Leading Cloud Technology

From simplifying and streamlining your daily administrative tasks, to ensuring that all data and personal and private information is securely stored, investing in cloud technology is an excellent way of making the most out of your findings from data analysis.

As the state of their finances is often the primary concern for nonprofit organizations, charities are an example of the type of business who would greatly benefit from utilizing cloud technology and services.

Operational costs, as well as the actual process of collating, storing, and sharing data, can be considerably reduced with the use of such popular and protected software programs.

Choose to Outsource Your Data Analytics

Many charities operating across the wide spectrum of nonprofit organizations choose to turn to a professional and established leading data management agency, who will provide any or all of the following services:

  • Access to the latest and greatest computer software programs
  • Thorough and regular risk assessments regarding the security of data
  • Asset and facilities management
  • Safeguarding services
  • Management of contracts

Launch a Mobile Application

In the same way in which many consumers, across different industries of course, choose to shop online using their mobile phone, rather than sitting at a desktop computer or finding the charging cable for their laptop, it also makes good sense to launch a mobile application option for your charity too—especially in the context of data.

Various studies have shown that, since 2020, mobile apps for smartphones are truly revolutionizing the way in which nonprofit organizations raise awareness of their cause, increase the number and generosity of individual donations, and generally connect with their supporters.

Not only that, but there is a whole wealth of new data to be gleamed from how operators choose to use and interact with a mobile application rather than through email or your official company website.

Include Virtual Reality Features

Even virtual reality is an entirely immersive experience for the user, and this is why plenty of charities and other nonprofits are turning to VR to amplify their message, to make it clear who or what is suffering in the world, and how individuals can make a palpable difference—especially if they band together.

In addition, virtual reality is also a cost-effective way of creating an emotional connection with a potential supporter or donor.