iSketchnote: from pen and paper to your iPad

iSketchnote has hit Kickstarter with an interesting take on the sketch digitizing game. Rather than drawing straight onto the screen of your tablet with a stylus, Galaxy Note or Wacom style, its iPad cover digitizer lets you draw in ink with a “natural pen” onto any notebook or paper. A sensor matrix detects your scrawls and even color thanks to a magnet in the pen, and the drawings appear on your iPad screen with about 50ms of latency. Thanks to a built-in SD card slot, you’ll also be able to take the cover on the road without the iPad (4GB will hold about 100 pages). When it ships around May 2014, it’ll just work with an iPad, but the developers say you’ll eventually be able to digitize to a Mac or PC with a free software update. iSketchnote’s already zoomed past its $35,000 Kickstarter goal, having bagged around $50,000 with 29 days left. If you want to grab one along with three pens, its $119 for early birds at the source.  kickstarter | via: engadget