Microsoft Windows 8 UEFI Secure Boot: Anti-competitive Business Practices

logo_windows8Microsoft is once again under fire over their allegedly anti-competitive business practices just few week after European Commission fined the software giant  $732 million for antitrust agreements.

The new complaint aims at  Microsoft’s implementation of UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) Secure Booth Windows 8, this according to Spanish open source software group Hispalinux who has filed a complaint  against Microsoft with the European Commission that Windows 8’s UEFI Secure Boot is a feature designed to protect Win 8 machines by only booting operating systems signed with a trusted certificate — is really just an “obstruction mechanism.” to prevent dual-booting with Linux on all Windows 8 machines.

Hispalinux lawyer Jose Maria Lancho told Reuters that UEFI Secure Boot was a “de factotechnological jail for computer booting systems” and that the feature was “absolutely anti-competitive”.

The UEFI Secure Boot Boot does makes it more difficult to run other operating system than Windows on Windows machines. But Linux Foundation in collaboration with Microsoft did release a software that allows Linux to work with machines running the UEFI.  As Microsoft has noted several times, the UEFI Secure Boot can be disabled. “We designed the firmware to allow the customer to disable secure boot, However, doing so comes at your own risk.”

Not sure if the allegations  made by Hispalinux are true and Microsoft has not  respond to all media coverage