Kwikset: The Evolution of the Key is Coming

keysKwikset announced Thursday the Bluetooth deadbolt lock, which pairs the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Bluetooth Smart Ready technology to communicate with the lock so that it is receptive to touch and no one else.

In terms of security, it uses Bluetooth 4.0’s own encryption, which the company touts as military-grade encryption. Intruders would be best to break down the door to land the castle. If you are really paranoid about security, it is smart enough to know when. Inside or outside of your house, to prevent others will follow, and unlock the door as you enter the home And if you do not carry the iPhone (or rather, not much use), is the fob Kevo – it is involved in the lock-in, which gives you the same one-touch release coolness.

Price: TBA kwikset



The battery lasts for one year, and Kwikset says, you will find plenty of warnings to get the battery before it dies, and you are locked in or out of your home. But, of course, the good news is you can be a normal key to open the door.