Mextures App: Over 70 Original Textures

The Mextures app comes with more than 70 original highresolution textures made specifically for photographers by photographers. Included are light leaks, gritty and grainy film textures, dusty vintage film scans, tasteful grunge, and gradients created from actual 35mm film scans from various cameras and a multitude of other natural elements. The app provides 12 different blending modes, so every new layer adds millions of possibilities to enhance images. “In addition to the number of textures that come with the app, users will note that the app is built for speed. They can get in, add a texture, and export in under 15 seconds,” explained Davis.

“Also, once they’ve created a custom edit they love, they can save it for future use. They can stack an unlimited number of layers, move, hide, rotate, and adjust opacity of the layers and see the results in real time. And they can edit any previous step at any time without having to use an ‘undo’ button. These are features I believe differentiate Mextures from other [image editing] apps.”

The app comes with builtin  inspiration, showcasing nine iPhoneographers who have created over 40 custom textures combinations. An inapp curated Tumblr feed also features a regularlyupdated stream of some of the most popular images created with Mextures. The app’s launch features a promotional price of just $0.99.

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