KYOCERA DIGNO – Lightweight Waterproof Smartphone

World’s lightest waterproof smartphone DIGNO R, weighing just 94 grams (made from magnesium alloy) is here courtesy Kyocera Corporation and is scheduled for release in mid-July 2013. Equipped with a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, the DIGNO R smartphone has a HD LCD 4.3 inches (having resolution 1280×720), waterproof 1800mAh battery and body size of 60mmx122mmx10.4mm make it a lucrative gadget for people craving something upbeat and niche. The smartphone will have the all new Android 4.2 operating system and a high resolution CMOS camera (8.1 million pixels) along with the front facing CMOS camera for making video calls. It will have the customary micro SD card for expanding the 16 GB in-built memory and will come in four attractive color options; turquoise green, pink, black and white.

DIGNO R is equipped with Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Receiver which allows the user to call without having to worry about the position of the ear and also noise cancellation which comes handy in crowded spaces. This is all due to the piezoelectric ceramic actuator that turns sounds into vibrations and is connected to the phone’s display. Furthermore the twin paths for sound delivery create sound waves for a thumping music listening experience. There is no word yet on the pricing of this waterproof and dustproof smartphone but we expect to get something soon.

Via: Kyocera