Print Instagram-Style Pictures with Socialmatic Polaroid Camera

Socialmatic™ is a brand new instant camera to allow you to fill the gap between virtual and real world.

Based on Android as main OS, Socialmatic™ represents a revolution in the social digital photography.
It starts by the ADR Studio concept landed on Internet on May 2012

What you can do:

  • Live the emotions;
  • Take a shoot;
  • Apply proprietary photo filters;
  • Post it on Socialmatic™ Network and/or share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or send by Email or MMS;
  • Print it, add a comment, pull off the auto-adhesive strip and share it in the real world;
  • Follow the photo in real and virtual world thanks its own QR Code;

Socialmatic™ will have 16GB of internal mass storage with WiFi and 3G connectivity,together with a SC-HD slot for external mass storage.

Detailed specification will be released in the next months.

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