When is it a Fad and When is it Essential in Business?

The landscape of business is one that always seems to be changing. This can occur through new technologies or social changes, but it can mean that you’re never in a position to rest if you’re in business. Even something as small as a shift in the aesthetic preferences of the general public can mean that your website is no longer as attuned to this public consciousness as it was before – putting you in a position to fall behind.

That being said, you do not want to throw everything out the window based on something that might change again tomorrow. This makes discerning the difference all too vital.


This conversation has been one that has been relevant recently due to AI, but AI is far from the only technology to throw a spanner into the works of the business landscape. Regarding AI, you might be unsure whether to jump the gun and change your operations to accommodate it or wait and see how it goes, risking the chance that your competitors could pull ahead through its usage.

There is no right answer, but other times, the right direction could be clearer. When a technology builds on a business tool that you already use – such as how API management software allows for you to more effectively utilize and analyze APIs, you might find it to make sense practically and predictably.

The Ongoing Conversation

Perhaps more difficult to navigate is the field of social change. The modern world is no stranger to this. Still, the shifting norms and perceptions can lead to a situation where your brand, through marketing or some other channel, says something that is outdated and perceived negatively even if you did not intend for that to be the case. This might mean that you need to think about the right way to respond to this and correct yourself, if necessary, but it also illustrates how important it is to be tuned into the ongoing social conversation.

It is not enough to simply know how the business landscape is evolving around you, if you aren’t up to date with world events, you could risk easily falling out of favor with audiences or employees – which might sometimes be more difficult to come back from.

Trends and Memes

On the surface, jumping on whatever meme you are seeing most regularly today can feel like a good idea. By the time you have seen this, decided to make a marketing campaign around it, and produced that campaign, that meme may be dust in the wind, though. While your audiences are worth taking into consideration – older audiences might be less bothered about what the ‘latest’ trend is, and that means things like this might be relevant to them for longer – it’s important to understand that this could lead to some audiences having a negative perception of your brand in some instances due to how it come across as out of touch.