3 Signs You Need A Corporate Website Redesign

Since the younger generations are more comfortable with technology, businesses must stay current with digital trends to get to their target audience where they want to be reached — online. Software development companies are racing to keep up and be found now that immediate satisfaction of finding what you’re looking for via a Google search has become the standard.

FortySeven software professionals associate the legitimacy of websites, businesses, blogs, and other digital entities with their digital presence since the digital world is such an essential part of our lives. As a result, it could significantly influence your sales and overall mobile app development company’s success if yours is out of date. To pique consumer interest and acquire their trust, websites must be engaging, well-designed, and simple to navigate.

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“How can I tell if my software development company requires a new website?” is a common question a custom software developer gets from both large and small custom software development companies.”

This is an essential subject because your website is your custom software company’s digital face and can be one of your greatest sources for generating new leads and sales. We look at a multitude of elements at the custom software development firm to assess whether or not a software development company needs a website redesign, and we’ve compiled a list of our top 3 indicators in this article.

Signs that You Require a Corporate Website Redesign

There are several signs that points to your company needing a website redesign, and some are way more crucial than others. FortySeven digital marketing strategists consider the following as the most important pointers you will use to know that your website needs redesigning.

  1. Low conversion rates

The most obvious evidence that your website needs to be redesigned is low conversion rates. Before you make any design modifications, make sure it’s your site’s design that’s causing the low conversion rates — the issue could be elsewhere.

Check to see if the following items have already been taken care of to rule out alternative possibilities:

  • There is good traffic on your website.
  • Your inbound marketing campaigns are bringing in the right people.
  • Your pages include interesting material and relevant messages.
  • The conversion goals on your site are pretty obvious.
  • Your call-to-action buttons are well-designed.

Conversion rates will naturally be below if your inbound marketing strategies aren’t bringing the correct traffic to your site. Even if you have the proper kind of visitors, if your landing page messages aren’t up to par, they’re not going to convert.

However, if you’ve taken care of all of the above, a website makeover is most likely the best option.

  1. Your website takes forever to load

The speed of loading a page is vital. Nobody wants to spend more than a few seconds waiting for a website to load. Buyers are more likely to lose interest in your custom software development company if your website is slow, return to the search results, and check out a competitor’s website if your website is slow. Page speed is important not only to users but also to Google. Furthermore, if your website is slow, it might significantly impact your Google search results rating.

In 2010, Google began using site speed as a ranking factor in its algorithm. In 2018, Google reaffirmed the importance of page speed by including mobile page speed as a ranking factor in its mobile search results. In May 2020, Google revealed that a new upgrade would go live sometime in 2021, allowing websites to be judged based on page experience. The mobile-friendliness, HTTPS security, and page speed all contribute to the overall page experience.

Google’s Core Web Vitals will seek websites with a Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) of less than 2.5 seconds and a First Input Delay (FID) of less than 100 milliseconds in the future 2021 update. You may test your website’s page performance with Google PageSpeed Insights. If it doesn’t, you should think about rebuilding your site before the 2021 upgrade.

  1. Your website is not accessible

FortySeven IT (fortyseven47.com) have written several blogs about how important it is to make your website WCAG compliant. A website that is “accessible” has been coded to be read by screen readers and used by individuals with various disabilities. The World Wide Web Consortium’s WCAG 2.1 guidelines provide more critical information about the intricacies of the most recent website accessibility criteria.

A WCAG accessible website can help your custom software development company avoid being sued, in addition to making it more accessible to persons with impairments. Because of a landmark court ruling in 2017, a growing number of lawsuits have emerged in which development companies have been sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act for failing to meet the rigorous WCAG accessibility criteria on their websites. It might be expensive to defend oneself against these cases.

WebAIM is a fantastic place to start if you’re not sure if your site is accessible. Although it cannot ensure that you will detect all ADA compliance concerns, this free tool will give you a preliminary assessment of your website’s compliance status. You must do functional testing with users to conduct a full ADA review. If you need help reviewing the accessibility of your website, you can get assistance from our custom software agency’s team of programmers.

Are You Looking for a Website Redesign?

If your present website exhibits even one of the warning signals listed above, it’s time to redesign it. A website redesign might be what you require to take your ass company to the next level. Don’t know where to begin? Website design and development are our bread and butter at FortySeven, and we’d love to work with you to improve the efficacy of your website and bring it into the modern digital age. Look for some of our recent work and get our e-book on responsive website design if you want to learn more. Are you prepared for the next step? Get in touch with us right away!