A Beginner’s Guide to Uninstalling Stuff on Macbook

Switching from Windows to Mac can be a challenging thing to do. However, if you do end up going through with this, you will certainly encounter some problems along the way.

Things are obviously different and it is only natural that it will take some time to get used to a Macbook. Thus, if nothing else, this should never be thought of as a negative thing but rather a way to improve as a person after learning some new things.

Of course, it helps a lot when the person in question takes a proactive approach and look for learning methods besides actively using a computer. Watching video tutorials and reading articles does wonders, even if some individuals might be against it.

Starting with the Basics

Something as simple as app deleting is a good place to start. You may think that it is very similar to Windows, but the reality is completely different. A bunch of Macbook users prefers uninstallers over anything else. You can read on about the best uninstallers for mac and find out all the available options, but keep in mind that these are usually needed for specific apps, like the default ones which come with a computer.

A simple app deletion is nothing else but an icon drag to the trash bin. It does the job. Well, at least to some extent.

Persistent Files

Even if you do end up dragging the file, putting it in the trash and emptying the bin after, doing so will not be the end. Temporary files like caches will remain on the computer and will not remove themselves.

So what are the options? Well, uninstallers were mentioned already so they are the most obvious method. At the same time, if you are deleting an app temporarily and will install it sometime later, do not bother with caches and all that because they will return together with the app.

Finally, reinstalling the OS is also there if you are looking for a complete overhaul and giving your computer a fresh start. That will definitely help to remove any junk files among plenty of other benefits. Though keep in mind that it is important to backup your data in case you decide to go through with this one.

Official Store and Random Sources

There is an argument to be made that you ought to stick mostly with the official app store and do not look for software outside it. Stuff that is approved by Apple will not cause any unwanted problems. You may find yourself downloading and installing something that will not be easy getting rid of, so why take that risk when there are plenty of great alternatives on the official store?

Malware and Viruses 

Junk files and other temporary stuff might seem like a hindrance, but it is definitely not the biggest problem you could be facing.

Some people claim that there is no reason to bother with anti-virus software on a Macbook because you are in no danger. Well, the reality is anything but that and if you are not careful. Thus, it is extremely important to have a reliable anti-virus.

Everyone should be aware of how this issue can get out of hand so quickly and leave you with nothing but a barely functioning computer. Not to mention the exposure to sensitive data.

Regular scans help immensely and they ensure things are in order. Again, this is not something to gamble on and you ought to take all the necessary precautions as most users do.

Cloud-Based Software

Deleting is not always an option. You will not be able to get rid of everything you want, but the problem of not having enough drive space still remains. That is where cloud-based software comes in to save the day.

Services like Dropbox and iCloud are extremely valuable. They do not cost you anything. The latter, iCloud, offers 5 gigabytes of free space and if you want, you can always upgrade the plan for something extra.

Perhaps the best option would be transferring your media and other files into clouds and have them stored there, in very capable hands. That should open up some space and make things easier.

External Storage Devices 

Similar to clouds, external storage could also do a world of good if you are dealing with too many files and have no way to fit them all on your Macbook.

Hard drives and USB memory sticks are relatively cheap these days, so even those who are struggling a bit with their finances will not have any issues finding something affordable.

So to sum everything up, this article should help everyone who is looking to master their Macbooks. And even if the stuff may seem like a trivial matter, never underestimate how knowing something little as this can help. Especially when you least expect it.