How to Use Technology to Network 

Networking is essential in this day and age and has been for awhile. You’ve probably once before heard the saying that your network is your net-worth and this has proven to be true for many, especially business owners. There are several methods of networking, and different things work for different people. However, there are some fundamentals everyone should consider such as being welcoming, having open body language, engaging in conversation, giving before taking, and being as authentic as possible. In this technological age, technology can play a key role in helping you network as well. This article is going to look at three ways in particular that technology can be used for networking.

 Social Media Networks

 Presently, social media happens to be a popular means of networking. This is because so many people seem to be utilizing the platforms irrespective of what industry they’re in, their age range, or their geographical location. As long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection, it’s possible to talk to anyone around the world. Some specific ways to use social media to network include groups and fan pages as well as discussions. It’s an opportunity to connect with professionals as well as people in your field. You should think about leaving a link to your official website or email for direct contact when interacting with people. Ideally, you can use whatever method works for you to network on social media, but the key is being yourself, offering value, and creating an attractive profile.


 Aside from social media apps, there are other available apps that are specifically created for networking purposes. Some business networking apps you may find useful include Happening, Aloqa, GroupMe, Shapr, and Sona. Each app has varying features that help make networking easier. For instance, some of them help you locate professional networking events, popular activities or events when you travel, matchmake you with people they think you should meet, or help you avoid the embarrassment of forgetting names by helping you record them and write down notes.  If you meet people who happen to live in different countries, you could also consider calling using apps such as Viber as an affordable way to keep in touch. By visiting, you can find out more about their rates. Remember, when networking you should try different means of communication which include calling, texting, face to face meetings, and emails.


 Another way that technology can be used to network is through a website or blog. This gives people an official destination to find you and vice versa. You can also consider looking in the comment section of industry relevant blogs and websites as you may find relevant people that are of interest to you there. You should also make your blog site interesting and engaging if you have one to attract the kind of people you want to network with.

 Technology is multifaceted and serves many purposes in every area of life. In the world of networking, it also has its unique role as stated above. Next time you happen to be networking, don’t hesitate to use technology as a means of making it easier, faster, and more effective.