Noomad Transforms Bicycle into Three-Wheeled Cargo Bike

The Noomad, from Spanish outfit Polo De Innovacion Garaia, is designed to transform a traditional two-wheeler into a stable, three-wheeled cycle equipped for hauling groceries, luggage, babies and more. At its core, the Noomad is a simple metal panel connected to dual 18- or 20-inch wheels. It attaches to the bike fork with a quick release axle and screws that secure into the V-brake mounts. If you don’t have V-brake mounts on your fork, you can buy optional clamps to secure the upper part of the accessory.

Besides adding stability via its two wheels, the Noomad is really about adding carrying capacity. The metal plate has a number of screw and lash points for securing various luggage accessories. We’d imagine you could bungee and otherwise jerryrig your own cargo-carrying equipment onto it, but for a more seamless experience, you can purchase Noomad-specific accessories, including a child seat, large wicker basket and hard suitcase. These compatible accessories come with the appropriate mounting hardware to bolt securely to the plate.  Continue to Gizmag