Novo Watch – the UNKNOWN

Let’s face it no matter how unique or intriguing a watch looks at first, it feels like everyone ends up wearing the same thing.  But Novo Watch may just have changed that, a watch company based in Canada that’s inspired by action sports  like BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding and MMA. Novo watches are no stranger to the sport community for their athletic sponsorship of professionals.

A brand that we’re femilar with and have  personally punched the the “Absolute” couple of months back, and recently we were  privileged to get a hold  of their newest addition the  “UNKNOWN”, a uniquely designed  square shaped watch that  features a 44mm x 10mm thick matte black brush stainless steel case with engraved logo found on the top right, and “NOVO Watch” signature found on the left  under the beveled edge which helps add brand character, the crown for time adjustment found the right. The design really comes alive with dark polyurethane strap, water resistance upto 100 Meters.  Though from the pictures  the 44mm square  case  may appear bit large but  it actually sits comfortably on your wrist and solid build weight construction.



At a first glace you find yourself asking how to do you read the time?  where is the traditional 3 hands? well, there is nothing traditional about this watch and this is especially why we love it. The Unknown doesn’t have a second or even minute  hand. Novo Watch removed all the  subsidiary hands while keeping only the  hour hand that uniquely display of minutes by gradually moves bit by bit into view behind the hour markers themselves. See the video for an example of the movement.

The Unknown is currently available in verity of colors and fish, and come mounted in a cylindrical padded container that makes a great gift for the holiday  See the full collection at Novo Watch.